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Winter RV trip to Arizona, Snowbird travel stories, Travel adventures in our RV,

Winter RV  trip to Arizona, Snowbird travel stories, Travel adventures in our RV,
08 Aug

This is just after we crossed the border into Montana Interesting that we were on prairie all threw southern Alberta And now you can see mountains over there Of corse I forgot my sunglasses and we are driving into the sun The Missouri river Dot would love these roads As you can see the weather has changed significant We are about 1° with light snow I am hoping we are going to be driving into rain Instead of this stuff as we are heading south Wellstill 150 miles to go to Salt Lake city We are finely out of the storm Gail even took her jacket off Still rain but I can live with that OK we are finely out of the snow There is no sign of snow any ware We are still about a half our out of Salt Lake City But it is pouring rain There is no more snow there is no more snow outside Yes but we are no where near Salt Lake City We are a half hour out Wow we are in Salt Lake City It looks like the rain is letting up Some of these drivers are crazy Look at that traffic it's brutal Look at the guys coming from over there I was telling Gail I think my knuckles are getting permanently white From this driving So we are a couple hundred miles Maybe 150 miles south of Salt Lake City now Gail finely made me turn the heat down That's a good sign She is even got her coat off Nice driving conditions now We can feel the heat from the sun coming through the window Okay here we are getting new front tires put on the motorhome We stopped so the dog could take a tinkle Then a tire guy came up and started pointing out the problems on our front tires $1000 more than we planned on spending But all part of the fun I should show you the rest of the area around here This is one of the flying J truck stops We have a restaurant here and a couple of motels It's almost like summertime Okay we are parked at the Casablanca Casino Everything is looking good This was free parking So all your show you where we parked here There's 1 million other motorhomes all parked around us So are we going to go for a walk It's nice it's summertime here Gail says are you taking a picture or not Yes Just going for a walk It's sure nice to have the summer weather Gail says what did I do with my cup We ran the slide out out so we have a little more room in here now There is nothing on TV The generator is running like a hot damn In the nice warm weather I think it's a California generator Wow look at this summer in paradise Just pan around I was turning directly into the sun there It is a beautiful morning We are going over to this hotel for breakfast with Donna and Darryl in about a half hour Now you should be able to see Las Vegas over there I think were about 10 miles out It's 20° outside It's summertime Wow were just getting through Vegas More white knuckle driving We finally got through all the road construction And what have you Just hang on for dear life And keep the pedal to the metal This is quite pretty We must be coming up on the dam Yes we are Well were at the Hoover dam We had to go through a security checkpoint And now we're stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic Trying to get to the bottom I guess I'm not sure where this goes Of course when we stopped at the security checkpoint When I was playing with my lock and key on the trapdoors for the basement I managed to get one to lock yesterday Well today they wanted them all open Guess which one would not open I thought we might have to go to jail or something But they managed to see through from the other side So they let us through I have got to figure out when we get to where we're going How to get that lock to work Lots of fun Well here we are at another gas fill up Where we found another tire guy Who pointed out how rotten are back tires are And it looks like we're going to spend another thousand dollars Fun trip It actually got cold out today about 18° So we have about four hours to go to Mesa It's going to take them about an hour to finish up here And will deal with the visa bill when we get home I guess Okay back on the road again We're about 100 miles out of Phoenix Nice scenery it's starting to warm up again It was quite cold back or we got our last set of tires We are going past these rock formations on I 93 It would be interesting to know how they were formed That is where Paul Bunyan through his axe No he did the Grand Canyon Ed It's when you through the axe down No he didn't throw the asked down here Gail is off to water the dog I just wanted to show you a picture of these Special levelling jacks that come down on the motorhome I guess you have to put it in park put the emergency brake on And then you hit this little button That starts pushing these jacks down This screaming noise comes on it's a safety sound That stops you from driving with your jacks or down Well we had a little incident with this Just after we got here We had to drive to going pick up the rental car I'm on main street stopped at a red light All of a sudden the alarm starts going It just screams Well I'm panicking I'm thinking my jacks are going down on Main Street All on their own I hopped outside in the middle of Main Street Looked under the motorhome No jacks are down So we managed to drive it about 10 blocks Before we could find a place to pull over Then I reset the jacks I just told them to go down And come back up again And everything sorted itself out There were some tense moments This is the car we ended up with When we went to rent our Ford focus When ended up with a chevy ugly instead We are finally set up Here is a view down our front street And we will go around down where Gail went Here we have a fruit tree in the front It looks like we have some grapefruit So I'm going to pick one And see what they taste like Wow we get grapefruit the size of watermelon for free Gail is checking her email this morning This is I guess our first morning here eh Second Second morning, oh yes I guess so The first morning they put us in the wrong spot Or a spot where I couldn't get the motorhome level So we changed spots Gail said nobody's emailing her We have no friends anymore We went to Campers World And Gail bought herself a new little table To sit and have her coffee Say hi Gail That sun is bright It's quite hot to isn't it, right We should put the awning down So we are just checking out Some of the other facilities nearby See if we can find one we like better This one is called Sun Life It doesn't have the pool facilities we already have at Mesa Regal So I'll see if I can get lost in here now Gail really likes Val Vista Look at the trees with all the fruit on them This one's got palm trees and grapefruit trees We liked all of the extra activities they have here They even do wood carving Notice how these grapefruit trees Have painted white trunks on them I asked one guy And he said they paint them because it helps to reflect the sun And I guess it keeps some insects away It doesn't show Avenue K So I don't know where the hell we are Just a minute Avenue L Oh where over here Okay we have to go away back Look at all the grapefruit on the trees Holy cow it's just loaded There's another Chevy ugly It was 74°F today I think we're going to bingo tonight I had a shot at the hot tub last night Did some swimming for a while Gail is even going to go tonight Gail getting some sun this morning Another beautiful day in paradise Went out to that flea market thing today Bought a couple of sexy chairs It's working out good I just thought I'd show everybody our swimming pool area Something interesting that we found that all of the parts we went to Non of the pools get much deeper than 5 feet There's no diving boards or diving areas at any of the pools But yeah this is beautiful I was talking to Gail earlier this morning About when we get back I have to think about Tires for the Honda It turns out that was a pretty sensitive subject We got the room on the motorhome Looks pretty good was a nightmare to put up I think we gave all the neighbours There entertainment for the day It's got screens right now but there are flaps that come down Tons of room in here So on Friday I went into the wood carving place And I built this little guy here They just handed me a rough out and some carving knives and I build cowboy Joe here I'm going to go to Scottsdale on Wednesday which is tomorrow now And see a guy about a fairly extensive wood carving course were looking at Might be fun Look at this were just going down a residential street in Mesa I would just saying to Gail no lawns Everybody just has gravel or rocks in their front yard Along with a palm tree or two and some cactus Quite interesting Off to Cabelis Check out this camping stuff We are traveling on US 60 W to Gail tells me Interesting we have six lanes of traffic all going in the same direction This is how they should have the whitemud set up I wonder what they big bubble building is over there must be some sort of hockey rink It's the University of Phoenix Funny looking university Okay were at Cabelis In Glendale Arizona Okay well we will go inside We are in about five minutes and we already have the carful We were just going to look for a barbecue This is an amazing place I'll get a better picture of that wall thing they've got down there in a minute But yeah I can see this is going to be an expensive little shopping trip This display they having here These are all like stuffed animals It's like you're on an African safari The gun section I'll have to try and get a better shot of that for John They sure do up these displays nice There's an elk stating over there Just heading back to the camper now That's interesting When you buy gas here you can just fill up and then go in and pay If you want to buy gas here You can just pull up to a gas station fill up and then going to pay Nowhere in the states that works You either have to have a preauthorized card Or leave your visa in there with them Or you go in and you buy $50 worth of gas and then put it into your car I guess they had a lot of people drive away without paying So we're back from Cabelis Gail is assembling our new barbecue Doing a real fine job Of course needing advice from me from time to time Yeah right Ed Just sitting in the Arizona room here I think it's about 100° outside It feels awfully warm to me Trying out our new barbecue I told Gail I was going to go pick myself another grapefruit For a snack How was that for the size of a grapefruit Big ugly thing I was asking someone wire the skin so thick on these things They said it's a sign of a hot summer The hotter the summer the thicker the skins When you store the grapefruit apparently that skin will send down a bit When I cut this baby open I'll bet you half that's going to be skin Yep I was right That is one thick skin on that thing It's a rocker recliner for $275 It's the most comfortable thing you ever sat in

I think were going to be buying a coleslaw making machine On our way to Salt Lake City

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