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Why Solo Travelling? Ft. Daniel Jakob [World Traveller on a mission]

Why Solo Travelling? Ft. Daniel Jakob [World Traveller on a mission]
09 Aug

Welcome to my first video about a new channel that I'm starting "Speak Freely with Abhishek Mahalpure" so what is this channel about so I've been traveling a lot these days to various different cities of India and I'm talking to various people the best thing about talking to these people is that I'm experiencing their experience you did not be a very special person or a very famous person so that your life gets highlighted there are various individuals out there who are leaving their life in a different way not not taking that same path taking the most untraveled path and they are living very happily so my first guest today for this video is Daniel Jacob from Canada and he is into solo travelling so let me welcome daniel Hi so you saying I am not famous (Hahaha) so Daniel introduce yourself to the audience and then explain why have you taken this solo travel? so my name is Daniel Jacob I'm from Canada I'm also Swiss I've been working in Switzerland in a corporate world for the last six years and I just decided I could do more in my life than just work together next promotion or you know work through the paycheck and and basically what I decided to do was to start traveling so I put my job putting my life in Switzerland and package one bag and started traveling about 16 or close to 17 months ago now so Daniel Like you have you told that you have been travelling for the past 18 months or close to 18 months so in the past year and a half was it difficult to just quit your job a good high paying job and just travel? me yeah definitely the hardest part is to try to balance everything so balance the traveling part so just deciding where are you gonna stay how are you gonna get there where are you gonna sleep at night and then you've gone into a new country do you need a visa you know you don't know the language how do you communicate with people how do you need how do you get around so every time you go to a new country you need to develop or learn the manual on how it works in that country and then define where you're gonna go in that country and while you're doing all this and it's not always easy coz right I just want to share with somebody From where did you start this journey and now in 18 months which all countries have you visited? So, I've started in New Zealand three months and then all over so North and South Island and then in Australia working Sydney for four months and then the west coast yeah west coast from first Darwin flew into Indonesia spent a month there went to Philippines and a month there and Vietnam Hong Kong back to Philippines Taiwan across to Nepal or five weeks down to Sri Lanka back to Thailand up to those Cambodia back to Thailand also weeks and then India this is where I am now Okso quite a lot countries visited in last past One and Half years so what are the upside of solo travelling? like my viewers will like to know if they choose solo travelling what are the upsides that they would have in their life? So upside is that you will meet people because when you're solo traveling the people that you mean always new people with someone also the fact that you're alone makes you more prone to meeting people because if you're with someone it's not like you necessarily go out and meet other people all the time but when you're travelling on your own then it's just like easier to strike a conversation there's a lot of solo travelers out there also so these guys will be sharing the same kind of lifestyle and the same kind of impressions so this is probably the best upside is the people you meet along the way and with those people you have great experiences then you'll try new things right the point of traveling is also to say I can decide to go or just stay whenever you want because you don't have somebody else that wants to you know do something else or whatever so you completely free to do whatever is also not to have a plan do not have a plan means that you can just go with the flow and then if you have a preset path it becomes difficult to move away from it and you're like oh you want to do something else but you can because it's preset now if you just go with the flow as I've been doing for 18 months of course on the map it looks a bit like this sometimes but the experience is where it you know your heart and feels where you should be going so it's much more and much better like this vipassana training was not planned and it's definitely probably the highlight of my indian trip so far and what are the negatives of solo travelling there are many challenges I assume yeah so the challenges of solo travelling is definitely sometimes you just want to share with somebody some money the people you meet are not always the closest people they're not always like like your close friends when you can really open up and they you know a lot of the things you talk about all the time is like where you from where have you been so it's a lot of the same conversation you know over and over again and sometimes you know you kind of just want to be with someone or with a group of people that you know you good with and this is not always the case when you're traveling alone also one of the important things I found about travelling which is hard is that sometimes you need to recharge your batteries need to stay in the same place for a few days or a few weeks to be able to just regenerate and feel good and feeling it in a place where you're not constantly in change like sort of a base because this is this is important I believe for a long-term travel because you can't just keep on packing moving packing moving packing moving for a year and a half like it's impossible you need some time to just sit down find your comfort zone recharge your battery and get ready to go again So this was the positives and negatives of solo travelling so when you're solo travel it's not only about making the planned path it's mostly about you don't plan anything you just land up like he landed he was in India he had no plans of doing this Vippasana meditation course but some friend recommended in the three days he decided to do it and then he lands over here it was really nice talking to know Daniel and experiencing his own experience about how solo traveling is and how has been his experience about traveling to different countries so what would be your future plans this would be the last question for the day so what will be our future plans so I think I probably have another year in front of me to travel I can't necessarily live on my budget endlessly so I'm also trying to do some ecommerce on the side so digital ecommerce so I don't necessarily need to be in one place today so this is what I'm planning on doing on the site but as to where I'm gonna travel so now I'm going to Istanbul in three days and from there into Europe from there into Africa so I'm going to do the southeast coast from Kenya to South Africa and from there fly over the South America on travel all the way back to North America this probably gonna take about a year so us traveling is still left with Daniel until his budgets budget gets over and then again probably we earn and again quit job and do the travel will see

will see he has not a plan he has a plan for a year but not as yet planned his life so that was Daniel Jacob for you guys about solo traveling

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