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WHAT’S THAT SMELL IN THE PYRAMIDS?! ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

WHAT’S THAT SMELL IN THE PYRAMIDS?!  ☼  Family Travel in Egypt
21 Aug

(theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away Hey guys! It's Me Ra and Brian and we are so excited! We are in our home school room But we like to think of the world as our classroom

And we are gonna take you to Egypt Yes Egypt, yes! 2011, they had their very first revolution They've always been ruled by some sort of king, pharaoh And so us as a family, we have this philosophy that the best time to go visit a country is right after they've had a revolution

(Me Ra) Yes Don't you? I do, Me Ra (Me Ra) So on the news in the US, Egypt looked like it was crazy Like it was insane Scary

The worst place in the world to go and we as a family felt like this was not fair because we didn't believe it was really that bad and all of this like horrible media was ruining their tourism So, that is one of the main reasons we decided to go We decided to go to film a different side of Egypt (Brian) You're welcome, Egypt (Brian) This is for you

(Me Ra) And we started with the pyramids And we climbed down into the belly of a pyramid, which was one of the scariest things I have ever done and one of the weirdest smells I have ever smelled (Brian) It was a lot of fun (Me Ra) Which the kids will tell you what they think that smell in the belly of a pyramid is from

[camel noises] (man) This picture, when the camel is down put that in your face book (another man) Put it on your facebook (Brian) Okay, absolutely (Blaze) Everything okay, Mom? (Me Ra) Yeah

(Blaze) Okay, good (Blaze) Mom, you're doing awesome! (Pascaline) Oh my gosh! (Brian) Whoa! (Brian) Whoa! (Pascaline) Hey Mom, it's smelly in here I gotta hand-sanitize (Brian) Does it smell like it used to be (Blaze) It smells like dead bodies (Pascaline) I'm smelling my hands (Blaze) It smells like a dead body I'm going

Getting it over with (Brian) What do they keep up there, Pascaline? (Pascaline) Up there is where they kept, I forget what it's called But, um, where they had these four jars, where when they mummified the king It's like when you stuff an animal, you take out all their lungs and everything

And then you fill it back up with stuff to make them whole again And so what they did, is they took out the heart, Oh, the brain! (Brian) The brain (Pascaline) The brain was the last one So, the brain, the heart, the lungs, and the digestive system was the last one And they put these in the four

I think there was an eagle, the head They had heads of different gods, animal of the gods And so it was Anubis, the eagle, I think it was Isis and then I forget the other two But yeah, the jackal-headed one There's a jackal-headed god Anubis

So, yeah That's what's up there (Brian) Cool Aw, man, let's go find out Let's see if it's still there

(Me Ra) Can you go up there? (Brian) Yeah (Me Ra) Oh, we're going up there? (Brian) Yeah What do you think, Me Ra? You just did it What do you think? (Me Ra) I'm trying not to think about it [Me Ra and Brian laughing] (Brian) Whoa

What is that smell? (Me Ra) It's really strong (Brian) And this is where the, um (Pascaline) filled with ointment and oils stuffed with that stuff rubbed in it and mummified dirty rags for four thousand years

It's not going to smell like roses or anything (Me Ra) No, I didn't expect it to smell like roses Where their organs were and stuff (Blaze) Come on guys, let's go back down (Brian) Me Ra, you're excited to go back up that steep ramp, aren't ya? (Me Ra) I'm excited to be in here

I'm not excited to go up that ramp (Me Ra) Let's just pray for Mom really quick (Kids) Dear Lord, I pray for Mom, that she won't feel sick or anything like that I pray she will just get through it and she won't feel any fear that she's gonna fall down, because she's not

Everything's just gonna work out (Me Ra) Being photographares, we are always looking for ways to get outside of where the tourists are To get shots that don't have a ton of people in them So we decided to hire this local guy who took us to the back side of the pyramids where there was a camel camp And on the back side, there was no one but us! So it was awesome! We got to take photos back there, film some stuff, and literally just take our own sweet time

Having the sun get golden on us and being able to capture our kids with camels, with pyramids, with sand, That was the best part of the whole experience (Blaze) Mom, check it out (Me Ra) Oh, nice! (Brian) Oh, that looks good! (Me Ra) Got everything going on right now We've got kids in the background, pyramids, prayer [laughing] (Brian) Look at this camera, would you? (Me Ra) We have a really good marriage counselor

[laughing] (man) My marriage, it goes one way She is the boss (Me Ra) It used to until he started doing this and now have to like [laughing] This was his own revolution that happened (Brian) Yeah, this is my revolution [laughing] (Me Ra) You're doing great, Blaze Look ahead

Look forward (Me Ra) All finished Thank you so much Yes, thank you Thank you is

(man) Shukrān (Me Ra) Oh! Shukrān! Shukrān (Me Ra) Oh my goodness

The lighting is amazing (Blaze) Hey Mom, I wanna take the camera (Me Ra) I know (Me Ra) Hey guys! That's it for today We really hope that you enjoyed this Egypt episode

And if you did, would you hit the like button and let us know? or, you know, put your questions in the comment section If you and your family are interested in ever going to Egypt yourself and doing the trip that we did, I highly advise it It is the most epic experience ever And I would check out Encounters Travel You can click their link below and it will take you to their website

They are our partners They help us with all of our photography travel workshops and they are amazing I can't say enough good about them But, if you're new to us, we would love it if you'd subscribe to our channel Tell your friends and family that love to travel, dream of travel

Tell them how to find us And don't forget to hit that little bell because I guess when you hit that little bell it gives you notifications of when we have a new episode come up So, until next Thursday, we will see you then!

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