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United – Eco-Skies – Upcycle Travel Bag Challenge

United – Eco-Skies – Upcycle Travel Bag Challenge
06 Aug

[Music playing] United and our Eco-Skies program continue to build a more sustainable future, and that’s why we’re partnering with fashion students from Columbia College Chicago who are competing to design unique travel bags made from recycled materials The great thing about getting to use recycled materials is the opportunity to give those materials a new life and a new potential instead of having them end up in a landfill

The patterns are gonna be cut from various aspects of the banner They’re gonna be beautiful and they’re gonna be one of a kind The design process that I was trying to focus on was the space underneath the seat I wanted something that looked sophisticated, had good function and had maximum selling potential I was really looking to make a bag that could be worn in different ways

Pockets, pockets, pockets I personally love pockets I really wanted to make sure everything had easy access So you have this flat backpack, and then it turns into a duffel bag This is one piece, and then there is a side pocket, which is another piece

The Eco-Skies team chose two winners of the bag competition based on the usability of the bags, how they incorporated the United brand, and finally the sustainability within the design The beauty of this project is it can be manufactured right here with Re:new, which is the nonprofit organization where the refugee women will actually be employed to create what the students designed Welcome to Re:new project We employ, train and equip refugee women in how to make our handbags and accessory items that we sell online Our artisans are producing the winning designs and those will be available for purchase at the unitedshop

com You can buy my one-of-a-kind backpack or my upcycled carry-on at unitedshopcom [Music playing] [Silence]

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