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Travelling as Family with Young Children – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Travelling as Family with Young Children – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
22 Aug

Travel patterns are affected by one's family status: singles, couples, families with young kids families with more grown-up kids and also empty nesters, have different travel patterns They have different needs and travel preferences in terms of activities they do at destination, the destinations that they choose, accommodation where they stay

Lucero is my wife and Lucero and I have become parents to our son Sebastian a year and a half ago So, today I will interview Lucero about how having a son has changed our traveling So, thank you for your time Lucero and my first question is: is having the baby reduced the number of trips that you take? Not at all, actually we've been travelling the same or even more What has probably changed is the destinations to which we go We try to visit our parents more often

And also depending For destinations, what we consider is that they are family friendly For example, that destinations are not so much adventurous, Probably, but we still travel a lot

And what about the experience of flying? How has it being the flying on an airplane with a baby? Well, that has been absolutely insane, but not impossible First thing to consider is when they are little, you need to definitely look for a bassinet Apart from that, you cannot have any entertainment at all It's very difficult What we're doing now is just we rotate, so we just take turns: one hour Denis takes the baby, but I can relax and then it's finished, and I take the baby and Denis can relax

At least we can have half of the flight for ourselves And that has worked quite well Yeah, that works quite good, but what about the experience at the destination? How has that changed? At the destination, for example if we rent a car we need to make sure that we have a baby seat available When we go on tours we try to choose private tours, because we need to adjust to our baby's schedule For example, we love hiking

That has considerably reduced because Sebastian is now 17 months and he is getting heavier and heavier, so carrying him is quite difficult We still hike, but less He just learnt how to walk, so he can't cover much distance That's right, but still it seems like having a baby is not very limited in terms of travel Not at all, actually now that I think, we've been travelling more than before having Sebastian, a lot more

It is not a limitation, it is challenging, but please if you like to travel and you have a baby, don't let the baby stop you from travelling It's possible That's true, actually the travel sector has been adapting to having more adventurous families who want to keep on traveling and going to different destinations, some exotic places and participate in different activities This is the general trend or travel more customized travel and more travel to exotic places and exotic activities So there are a lot of tourism products and a lot of companies out there that provide products to make sure that families with young kids keep on traveling

So happy travels! Thank you!

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