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Travel Tips & Envision Festival Recap (2018)

Travel Tips & Envision Festival Recap (2018)
11 Aug

I think it's about time we make a smoothie this is exactly what I needed face we got a happy she is who made it cool Stephanie's hanging out and she's gonna do some stuff for her channel and I'm gonna work on my channel but I kind of want to take a bath first to be honest this angle is weird huh okay so I left the bath out of the vlog and I was in there thinking this is kind of my first official vlog welcome to my world you guys hear any noises it's because I'm in downtown Los Angeles it can be quite loud just a little disclaimer so today's video is going to be about traveling I know that it takes a lot of courage takes a lot of money sometimes but I hope that this video will help you take that leap and take the next step to getting to your dream vacation I've been to Costa Rica three times and every single time I go it just gets better and better and I mean some people like to wing it but if you're like me I like to plan things out a little bit make sure that it's a smooth ride from booking a ticket to getting to the airport landing in the country that you're going to and having reliable transportation to get you where you need to go I do like to be adventurous I'd love to go new places meet new people but at the same time I like to plan things out because I've done it without planning and it has been quite the adventure at this point in my life I'd like to have my ducks in a row so I can have the most beautiful adventure of all time let's get to it how do we get ready to travel so long story short you've decided where you want to go plan a good time to go sometimes there's a certain season or certain events happening certain places like in Costa Rica I go around the same time as a festival called envision festival call off of work put in a notice or figure out who's gonna water your plants or watch your pets or whatever it is make sure that everybody knows that you're going especially if you have a job or family that you tend to or anything like this once you've accumulated the funds you've decided when you want to go you go online and book your flight I suggest going to a site like Orbitz or Expedia because they give you package deals you can book a flight a hotel a rental car and reliable transportation for when you land in this place that you're going assuming you already looked up the area geographically and culturally maybe you want to explore museums or go sightseeing or go clubbing or go find good food whatever it is it's good to have a better understanding of the locations all these places that you might want to go finding reliable transportation means either figuring out all the buses or finding taxis or ubers and for me personally I think a rental car can be the best in most situations when I go to Costa Rica every year the first thing I do when I get off the airplane as I go grab my rental car and I pick up some of my friends and we drive to the beach do you deserve it everybody deserves it oh one quick tip about booking flights be extra on top of it when you're booking your flights I've seen people book reverse flights I've seen people book flights to the wrong locations so just make sure you double-check before you do it make sure you type in the correct email for your confirmation and all that because then everything is easier to keep track of you'll have everything ready the day of and then you're good to go definitely remember to bring your passport that is one item you do not want to forget have it handy have it somewhere we are not going to drop it or lose it but have it in a place that's easy to grab because you might need to show it a few times before you actually get on the airplane or out of the airport every year I travel to Costa Rica and I go to a festival called envision festival and it's like a jungle meets the playa festival with live music art it's on the South Pacific side of Costa Rica in a little town called Yu Vita on playa people from all around the world every age children to great-grandmother's great-grandfather's expecting mother is the most unique beautiful individuals from around the world in my opinion and the whole vision behind envision festival is a sustainable get-together to spread awareness and raise people's consciousness on the environment healthy living and how to party and have fun and do it safely so I really love this festival I've been to tons of festivals in my life and this one really takes the cake for me so that being said I will travel to Costa Rica almost every year for it after a few times of going there I feel like now I've got it dialed so for me I like to find a place to stay a few days before the festival during the festival and then a few days after the festival so that if any point I want to leave the festival go take a shower eat some food cook myself a meal bring friends back to rest because they've had a long night I have the opportunity to do that a lot of people show up to town kind of early and hang out meet each other swim in the ocean surf there's so much to do and so everybody in town gets to know each other really well before the festival even happens then you get to this festival and you're so supported you can camp there there's food there's activities there's place for your children to hang out there's really something for everybody from the beach there's a trail that goes into the jungle once you get in there there's three different main stages there's this thing called the village and in the village it's so beautiful half of this circle in the village is craft vendors so they're selling all these unique items from all around the world I seriously have such a good time walking through there anybody could find something that they real it's really hard not to buy something then the other half of the village is all food vendors and they're so good there's so many vegan options and there's non vegan options too so they created a sustainable program where you can rent plates which is amazing because that eliminates stuff from landfills paper plates are not that good for the environment so I love it when festivals or events take these little steps in my opinion it's a big step and kind of change the way that people will want to do this at their events in the future because the environment comes first party comes second I could go on for days about how many times I've seen an artist at envision and it changed my life for me the lineup always has somebody that I thought I'd never see before that I kind of follow online and then just never thought that it would ever happen and then there they're like every year I get one of those experiences the dance floor at and vision is something out of a fairy tale so there's a million other things I could say about my experience there there's tons of tips and tricks and things that I've learned about traveling over time but I'm gonna leave those for another video I just wanted to throw this video together to have some content to show you that I value all of your attention Steph he's actually gone now so she says bye some work I think my wand is broken hmm so I've reached out on Instagram and asked if there was any questions he wanted to know about traveling or about envision festival I got those right here is it hard to save money while traveling so I think it's important to be financially stable before you start traveling unless you're a gypsy spirit and you just want to go with the flow that's really awesome too I like to make sure that I'm safe and secure in case anything happens I have a way to get home or I have money for medical needs but I think that there's a lot of ways you can travel on a budget too I ask locals what are the best spots in town what is the place that serves the biggest portions for the buck that way you're not you know paying too much for something that doesn't even fill you up and you have to keep eating a bunch along the way I like to buy vegetables and fruit and just snack all the time and maybe nuts and something like that what do you pack what are your necessities so I'm just gonna list them all really quick wallet passport toothbrush cell phone cell phone charger backup charger laptop camera for filming vlogs and taking photos GoPro chargers for every device obviously and backup chargers if you're willing to just a couple sets of clothes you can always get clothes when you're somewhere else you definitely want to bring a few things to the airport to headphones you want to have somewhere where your passport can be easily taken out of your pocket over and over and last but not least bring a book unless you read books on your phone oh I definitely pack deodorant I mean honestly that's the most important stuff is traveling alone safe well that's a hard question to answer really if you feel confident and your intuition is strong and you can sense if your environment isn't one that you should be in then I think yes traveling alone is safe I encourage you to at least try it once even if it's one place in the United States to another is envision festival a safe environment for my children personally I say yes envision has done a really amazing job at curating areas for families with children I went to festivals with my mother from a very young age until my late teens at these festivals I learned at a young age that everybody around they're all family they're all there for each other okay I want to turn myself back into a muggle so nobody knows that I'm a wizard all right so I hope that you found this video informational or fun to watch and if you did please feel free to like or comment the video you can subscribe to my youtube channel and the links to my other social media platforms will be in the description below until next time you you

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