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Travel Tips: 12 Tips on How To Survive Long Flights

Travel Tips: 12 Tips on How To Survive Long Flights
10 Aug

– I have almost traveled to 50 countries and a lot of those are long haul flights Over the years, I figured to how to perfect the craft of long flights so that you end up in a destination with very minimal jet lag, and also you enjoy flying

I really, really enjoy flying, so let's get into some tips on how you can make the absolute most out of your travel You're welcome! Also, yes, I am in a bikini, it's Bali, so I feel like I can do anything I want In this video, I flew from Latvia to Bali, so real time info coming right your way For my outfit of choice, so I've go loose, baggy pants, but still fashionable This looks kinda good, don't you think? A loose, baggy t-shirt with a very delicate bra underneath without wires

Really comfortable underwear, none that have little groves on them so that when you're sitting it hurts your butt, very comfortable I actually have like granny panties (laughing) style undies Most importantly though, I have no makeup on, bareface completely Your face gets so incredibly dry when you're flying, so you wanna access your skin as easily as possible, so no makeup because A, makeup plugs your pores, and then B, you need to moisturize quite a lot And then finally, just some comfortable shoes for the flight, and socks, warm socks are a must

And here is a pile of goods I'm taking onto the plane with me immediately So here in this backpack I have laptop chargers, supplements, anything that I need eventually Here I have stuff that I'll need immediately, so I have a little writing books, my diary, lip balm, pencils, passports of course, headphones, water bottle And here are the toiletries I'm gonna take on the plane, deodorant, moisturizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, ink Doesn't count as a toiletry (giggles)

If I'm landing in a fashionable place, New York for example, I'll take a little bit of make up with me onto the flight, so then when I'm landing, I can touch myself up so I feel great about myself getting off after such a long flight All I have left is a jumper and a jacket And here is my baggage This is all I have It's gonnna lock up into a small backpack

Pack the day before There's nothing more stressful than packing on the day of You might miss some stuff You're rushing around like crazy It's just not a comfortable experience, and the day of your flight, make it as relaxing as possible

That also includes sleeping well the night before Being rested helps you fly so much better Also, to prepare for the flight, I had a long shower I shaved cause it's gonna be two days before I shave again Maybe three, and I'm European so hair comes back very quickly (laughing)

Keep yourself ultra hydrated when flying So I take my own water bottle and I ask the flight attendants to fill this up so I can drink it as much as I want Limit alcohol as much as you can It's hard because it's free, but try to, otherwise that's gonna add so much jet lag I always choose a flight that lands me as late as possible at my destination

I'm landing about six pm so that means by the time I get to my accommodation, I'll be so pooped I'll wanna go straight to bed And it's perfect It eliminates jet lag like a little champ Also, eat a solid meal before you go Whippen up some snacks, (laughing)

I highly recommend that you clean the house before you go because there's nothing worse than coming home to a dirty house This is an air bnb so I'm not coming back here, but I did clean a little bit cause that's the nice thing to do Two eggs, ready Broccoli, avocado, pickles and eggs This doesn't look or sound appealing, but when you're on a flight and you want healthy food, this changes everything and you feel so much better when you eat this kind of food instead of airplane food

So I go for this stuff This is me done My bag, this is all the stuff that I'm not gonna need at all on the flight so it goes here The rest goes in here When I arrived to the airport, what I like to do is sit down on the ground, stretch out my legs, stand up lot, lie down and also download some books so I can listen to them on the plane

This is a really hard one, I'm sorry in advance, but try to skip as many meals as you can Every second meal would be good, because you are sitting down, not doing anything, and the amount of food they give you is ridiculous It's actually better for your body to process a lot less food I know people that also fast during flights, if you wanna go that extreme I don't recommend it, because you need to know what you're doing, but limit the food you take

It's gonna significantly help you with the jet lag It's now six hours since I left (flight announcement) I always like to book aisle seats because I love to get up and walk around as much as possible I don't like to be locked in, uh gawh, no I did have a thought when I was on the plane that when I'm flying, it's also making sure that nothing is dead time

I think a lot of people are like, uh it's so long I find flying so exciting because you have so much time to yourself, switched off from social media completely and you get to do tasks that you've wanted to do for so long So I actually really love flying Make sure you just stock up what you need to do when you're on the flight So you have enough to write about

You have enough projects to finish, editing, photos anything you need to, just get it ready It's super exciting, and then you watch movies and everything It's good Change the mindset that flying long distance has to be shit It's not

Fifteen hours since I left home I'm tired Twelve more hours and then I'll be in Bali I haven't experienced jet lag for a long time though cause of all of the stuff that I'm doing, all of these tactics, so fingers crossed And finally, unless you arrive in the very morning, do not sleep until the very last minute on your flight

Try to sleep until a normal time, mid morning for example, so that you tire your body out So when it's night time, in your new destination, you can get to bed really easily If you sleep all the way until the end, and it's like five pm or six pm, and then you go to the hotel and try to sleep, it's not gonna happen It is 12:44 here in Bali, and it is eight pm back in the time zone that I came from And I'm a little bit tired

I'm going to bed now, but I think there is a potential that I've skipped jet lag once again It's now the third or fourth time in row that I haven't gotten jet lag on a very long trip So I'm pretty sure I'm onto something Pretty sure these tips are gonna help you out So enjoy (laughing)

Or you can do whatever you want because there are so many steps, so many things that I do, I'm kind of OCD when it comes to flying (laughing), and life in general Do whatever you want, if you want Get drunk, and pay the consequences later It's up to you So yes, I'm in Bali

I'm gonna be showing you guys around a little bit I'm also gonna be doing the next video which is a posing video, how to pose yourself to get the most out of your photos So I hope you guys subscribe because there's so much awesome coming, there's so much awesome content coming your way I look forward to seeing you again This is my Instagram

Check out my beautiful photos for more Speak to you guys soon, peace

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