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Travel The World For Free? Here’s How To Win a Travel Competition & Make The Dream Come True

Travel The World For Free? Here’s How To Win a Travel Competition & Make The Dream Come True
10 Aug

– Hey boyfriend, can you feed me bananas, make me look cool? – [Man] Nope – (clears throat) Darlings yes, my name is Sorelle Amore, and I am the winner of the best job on the planet out of 17,000 people last year, where I traveled the world for three months and I stayed in 12 luxurious homes all around the world, uh, uh

I also got paid $10,000 a month to do this, and I am the luckiest woman alive, so how is life after the best job on the planet? (laughs) Jesus, this is horrible Boring (laughs) – [Man] Behind the scenes (laughs) (soft funky music) – Woo, yeah! Basically, what I'm trying to say is that competitions like this, and there's a lot of them floating around everywhere right now, this can change the entire trajectory of your life

This can change everything, it's mind-blowing, what opens up in your mind, the possibilities, traveling everywhere all over the world and getting paid for it is actually a thing 'cause you build the skills and connections and insights into this industry, being an influencer, it's madness, so, yes, I get that you really, really, really wanna win this, and I wanna help you so, so bad, and if you're already applying, it could be a matter of, like, one small thing that you've done wrong that could destroy everything When these companies put out a competition like this, they're looking for very, very specific things, so I'm gonna give you all the insights that I know because I am the winner of the Best Job on the Planet from last year, out of 17,000 people that applied via video, 50,000 people applied by emails, see, that's already 33,000 people that did it wrong because they didn't put a video into the application There are so many different things that could completely screw your chances, so without further adieu, actually, there is further adieu because if I'm gonna help you win this competition, I am gonna get paid for this video, so therefore, I'd like to thank Squarespace for sponsoring this video Whether you would like a domain, website, or online store, do it with Squarespace, I've been a happy customer of Squarespace for years now, not only do they have beautiful designer templates, they are also an all-in-one platform, there's nothing to install, patch, or upgrade ever Alongside award-winning 24/7 customer service

It's never been easier to keep track of your worldwide adventures, check out Squarespacecom for a free trial, and when you are ready to launch, go to Squarespacecom/Sorelle to save 10% off your first of a domain or website These brands are, they're looking for a spokesperson for the brand, your professionalism, presentation has to be on point, and your skills have to match what they are looking for, if you don't have these skills, you can quickly try to develop them in the short time you're trying to get this application up and running, but because we're in a very good time right now and there's a lot of companies that are seeking viral marketing strategies which includes these giant travel competitions, a lot of these competitions are coming through, so you need to prepare yourself now, start now with your photographs, with your Instagram, make it professional, make it great, make it unique and exciting and most of all, authentic personality is what they are seeking, so let's get into more details of that Who is the brand running this competition? Do you match with them, are they a luxury brand, are they a fun brand, are they posh, are they fun and approachable? Research what they stand for and try to match your application with that because if you're a massive party animal, and they're looking for someone that has sophistication and so forth, you're not aligning straight away, so if you submit a video that is party-related, they're not even gonna really consider it, so you have to make sure you research as much as you can about the brand and try to match their values perfectly

Sell yourself like a boss! In your application video, show off your skills What do you have on offer, is it writing? Show off the places you have been featured with your writing, is it photography, show off all the photos you've taken and how great they are! Is it videography, show that Is it because you're a vlogger, show that, little snippets, tiny snippets just so they can get a really good understanding with a very short amount of time of who you are and what you can do for them Authenticity is key, this is a huge, huge thing that made me win, they told me this after I won They said, we loved how authentic you are

We knew exactly what we were getting, and your personality shown through, this is what you guys really need to work on, there's a lot of copycats in the world, especially in the travel industry, everyone wants to be a travel influencer, but if you're not authentic to yourself, if you're not sticking to your guns, if you're trying to be like everyone else with your photos, with your videos, you're not gonna stand out, so make sure your personality shines through and you are authentic because if you're not being authentic, it shows, authenticity is key Stick to the time limit always, this is one of the most important things, actually, all of them are really important, if they say one minute, you submit a one minute, nothing longer, nothing shorter If they say two minutes, nothing longer, nothing shorter Exactly the time limit because they wanna know that you're utilizing the most out of this application, and if you go over, it just shows that you don't know how to follow simple instructions, so never, ever, not even one second over, mm-mm, stick to it Be professional, so, your image is extremely important, even if they're a fun, young brand, they still wanna make sure that you are being professional

If you win this competition, you're representing this brand There's a lot that they're putting on you There's a lot they're vouching for, you need to be professional, so if your Instagram is just, you know, selfies, and butts, and food, and you partying all the time, and beers everywhere, it's gonna hinder your chances of winning With your application videos, and they're basically almost always application videos because they wanna know who they're working with, speak to the camera as much as possible, let your personality shine through I've seen application videos where it's like drone shots all the time, very little speaking or B roll with a lot of music, and you've just missed the opportunity of a lifetime, they wanna know who you are, the video is so they connect with you and see if you're the right person for the brand, so do not waste time, of course, you're gonna have little snippets here and there with nice music and B-roll to show off that you know how to use a camera and so forth, they're not looking for a videographer or a photographer, they're looking for a person, a spokesperson, so show that off

As a side note, yes, beautifully filmed is almost a must Do not do this on your iPhone for the love of God I mean, I've seen people filming like this way, even instead of this way on an iPhone, like, no, borrow a camera, you need to do this professionally A massive question: Are you actually skilled to do this because this job is hard, and I know this from experience Three months on the road with the best job on the planet with ThirdHome, I love these guys, I'm forever gonna enjoy these memories, thank you, but it was one of the hardest three months of my life because I hardly slept, I was producing content like a madwoman, if I was traveling, it was, like, sometimes, 20 hours, 30 hours in a plane

I'd get to the destination, go straight to the house, take photos of the house, take videos of the house, go explore the cities, edit at nighttime 'til 2 am, like, there was so much work, I can't even explain to you, the amount of go, go, go, I had one day off in three months, I had to give myself a day off 'cause I was about to crash You need to know that this is gonna be a lot of work, it's not a holiday in any means They're gonna require a lot from you, and they will require photography, videography, possibly writing skills, editing skills, and a quick turnaround, if you can't do this, I don't advise you applying for this because it is extremely hard, and you're probably not gonna get it if you don't have these skills, but I just wanna say one small thing, in this instance, it's gonna be, like, guys thinking, oh, I got this, man, I don't care, like, I might be not as skilled in this instance, but I have, I'm like, awesome 'cause guys always kind of elevate themselves a lot more, whereas girls shrink themselves, so if you're a female and you have a few skills here and there and your skills might not be perfect, I still want everyone, this includes guys and girls, apply because maybe your videography is not the perfect one, maybe your Instagram doesn't have that many followers

Do not sit back and wait for this opportunity to slide back If you think that you could do this and you could push through and really deliver if you have that drive to make it as good as possible for this brand, you need to apply, so don't talk yourself out of this, humans are very good at doing this You just need to do it, if it doesn't work, at least you've tried, just apply, it could change your life forever Logistically, like, really detailed, choose music that is appropriate because I have also seen applications that are like (mimics techno beat), and I'm like, whoa, chill out this is insane Research the brand, what they stand for, what their branding is like, a good way to do this is to research what kind of music they have used in the past with their own videos, even what kind of feel to the videos they have, and then that means that you can pretty much copy their style because they're looking for someone very similar to their style in the end

I also just thought of this, if you have a media kit, send it through to them, they'll appreciate it That's it, I hope these are very helpful, I hope you guys win, I really, really, truly hope so I wish everyone could win because this is such an incredible opportunity of a lifetime, if you wanna know more about me, if you wanna stalk some of the work that I've done, there's a playlist here with my Best Job on the Planet stuff and also, my Instagram with all my photographs from my travels, good luck, fingers crossed for you, peace!

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