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Travel Inspo: How to Travel The World Solo

Travel Inspo: How to Travel The World Solo
06 Aug

I think that everyone should travel alone at some point in their life Not only is it exhilarating and challenging but you also learn so much about yourself

If you're starting to think about traveling solo, or you're heading out for the first time, you may start to wonder: is traveling solo more expensive? If you come in at the right way I don't think so at all Over the last two years, I've solo traveled to a ton of different places So here are my best tips on how to save money when traveling alone If you're looking into group trips, in the past you might have seen single supplement fees But because of the rise of solo travel, some of the top tour companies like G Adventures or Intrepid Travel have started to drop these fees

Do be aware you might have to share a room on some of these adventures The companies do a really great job though of matching of like-minded travelers so you're staying in a room with someone you're pretty comfortable with If you're creating your own itinerary then I definitely recommend staying in a hostel It's nothing like that horror movie from 2005 Not only is it extremely safe, but it's a great way to make friends on the road and it's super inexpensive

You pay per bed so it's perfect for solo travelers The more people there are in the room the less expensive the bed is And hostels aren't rundown and gross just because they're super cheap Actually, it's quite the opposite Upscale hostels are really popular in big cities and sometimes are nicer and trendier than even 5-star hotels

The only caveat is that you're sharing rooms instead of having your luxurious suite Another alternative to a hostel or hotel is Airbnb With the added benefit you can search for an apartment by yourself or just a room in an apartment So this combines a great low price with also your own private space When exploring a city by yourself I highly recommend googling free walking tours

Not only do they save you a lot of money but you're also gonna meet people that you can maybe hang out with after And while big cities do have a ton of free walking tours, they do fill up quickly so traveling alone gives you the benefit of being able to add on to a group when there's only one spot left Another great advantage to traveling alone is being able to purchase last-minute theater tickets Single seat tickets in the middle of rows are generally really hard to sell So if you go to the box office the day of, you're likely to find those seats at a deeply discounted rate

Another great way to save if you're traveling solo is to check out cruise lines that specifically cater to solo travelers Royal Caribbean and Norwegian both have cabins that are specifically made for solo travelers While Holand America has a great program to match up same-sex travelers so they can share the cost of a double room So there you go I hope I convinced you that solo travel is not as expensive as everyone makes it seem

Check out the article below for even more tips on solo female travel, including things like safety and the most common question: will I be lonely if I travel alone? I'll see you guys next time Bye!

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