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Their Lives Were a Mess! – Dollar for Dollar EP 1 – #backpacking #nepal

Their Lives Were a Mess! – Dollar for Dollar EP 1 – #backpacking #nepal
10 Aug

Lunchando to achieve success and meaning in their lives Two friends accept the challenge of exposing Nepal in 7 days with 7 dollars This is the estoria of them [music] Dollar for Dollar Episode 1 >> BRETT: $ 5, $ 6, $ 7 [music] Ten years later

>> DANIEL VO: The idea was to sign a television pilot >> DANIEL VO: The show is about two friends who travel the world with one dollar per day >> DANIEL VO: We wanted to absorb as much as possible in the cultures >> DANIEL VO: When you do not have money, you do things that you would not normally do >> DANIEL VO: I convinced my friend (Brett) to invest his own money >> BRETT VO: I was at a conference in Shanghai >> BRETT VO: And it occurred to me to take a few days of vacation And invite Daniel >> BRETT VO: We had a lot of fun We were on the plane back to Los Angeles

>> BRETT VO: During the flight home you said something like; outside incredible >> BRETT VO: Sign a trip like the one we just took >> DANIEL VO: At that moment I thought about traveling among friends >> DANIEL VO: and the impact it can have on a Friendship >> DANIEL: we should take a taxi We are tired- >> BRETT: No, I'm not tired >> BRETT: I prefer to walk Nor am I so tired >> BRETT: If you want to pay, I get into the taxi

>> BRETT: or I do not want to pay for the taxi >> DANIEL: That's ridiculous >> DANIEL: It's late Are you fucking me ?! >> BRETT: or I'm fucking! I spend a single rupee! >> DANIEL VO: We wanted to share a meal with someone >> DANIEL VO: 14,000 kilometers from the house >> DANIEL VO: And realize if we could share with others and live with them >> DANIEL VO: or spend a night with them >> DANIEL VO: Always since I was a child I wanted to

>> DANIEL VO: He always sounded awake to meet China >> DANIEL VO: sane that I imagganiaba make a hey >> DANIEL VO:

on earth Because at that time it was like one came to China supposedly >> BRETT VO: When I was 15 years old, my dad wanted to take us to Europe >> BRETT VO: So he showed us traveling to other countries when I was very young

>> BRETT VO: And I was just thinking of going back to the United States and eating an In-N-Out hamburger >> BRETT VO: I hated London I hated Paris >> BRETT VO: I absolutely hated it >> DANIEL VO: Nepal is located between India and China It is mystical

>> DANIEL VO: Ayi is where the hippies go 0: 03: 555,0: 03: 570 >> DANIEL VO: Many go and do not return >> BRETT VO: It has incredible mountains

>> BRETT VO: It has a lot of vegetation >> BRETT VO: It's green >> DANIEL VO: And it's the house of the Himalayas >> BRETT VO: Yes >> DANIEL VO: At that time I was taking care of my two children at home

>> DANIEL VO: My big son was about two years old >> DANIEL VO: And my youngest son was about three months old >> DANIEL VO: And I was doing night comedy >> DANIEL VO: And sometimes they paid me >> DANIEL VO: I was not very recognized >> [applausos] >> DANIEL: How do you start your party at the Pechanga casino? >> DANIEL: How is that happening? >> DANIEL: It was weird to tell your friends

in Pechanga? >> DANIEL: "Men, the thing is going crazy, but " >> DANIEL: "Have me a favor Remember the rules men " >> DANIEL: "What happens in Pechanga will stay in Pechanga" >> DANIEL VO: For me, this show was an extension of my desire to succeed 0: 05: 01

0,0: 05: 050 >> DANIEL VO: I wanted success and for me to be successful it was recognition >> DANIEL VO: It was my dream >> BRETT: I want to fax you the inventory >> BRETT VO: My life was very different

>> BRETT VO: It was more rigid Work from 9 to 5 >> BRETT VO: And I was not living my dream >> BRETT VO: Take the safest way >> DANIEL VO: I could not believe that he gave the green light to this project

In the end this trip would not have taken place if he did not say yes >> DANIEL VO: Because the saying if the project was like saying "I'm going to invest a large amount of money" >> BRETT VO: It's like everything, right? The environment has to be fertile for something to sow >> BRETT VO: Then ASI, things happen >> BRETT VO: And the environment was fertile for me at that time >> BRETT VO: Because I suffered from a crisis

>> BRETT VO: I had just separated from my partner at that time >> BRETT VO: 6: 0525 It was a 9 year relationship >> BRETT VO: I felt unsuccessful >> BRETT VO: My friends were getting married and having children and I was not

>> BRETT VO: It said in my mind, "what do I do with my life? >> BRETT VO: I'm not moving forward 0: 06: 195,0: 06: 230 >> BRETT: Okay Let me know if you need a helper

>> BRETT VO: Look If it were not for that crisis none of this would have happened >> BRETT VO: It was an opportunity to escape

>> BRETT VO: To get out of my dad's shadow And separate myself from the family business >> BRETT VO: And do something for myself Become independent >> BRETT VO: Although I am realistic and somewhat pessimistic >> BRETT VO: I started to believe that this was something I could do for my life and career

>> BRETT VO: And do something brave with my life >> BRETT VO: Man was a challenge and something difficult for me >> DANIEL VO: It was the most adventurous experience of my life >> BRETT VO: to date is the most crazy thing I've done in my life I say

>> BRETT VO: easily >> PRAKASH: A dollar is not possible! >> DANIEL: We do not do it with a dollar? >> DANIEL: Now you go! Walk with your motorcycle because you want to walk! >> BRETT: Well, he can walk his ass to the lake I'm not going to ride that bike [music]

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