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The easiest and quickest way to travel around the world (no money needed) | Queens

The easiest and quickest way to travel around the world (no money needed) | Queens
10 Aug

Hello! Today I'm in the East Village that is the district of Manhattan younger and partyer I arrived here last night to have dinner with some friends we cooked in this apartment and then my friend was kind enough to welcome me here so I slept here

We got up this morning and we went to the supermarket again and we have prepared lunch It's nice to cook every so often in New York Now I'm going to Queens

I'll do couchsurfing again tonight I have a host there waiting for me and I will stay with him for two nights We hope it's a nice person, you never know concouchsurfing, it's always a bit risky Finally I leave Manhattan I'll be here again in a few days anyway for sure Let's go explore the Queens! An hour later, in Queens I'm going to my host's house and I must say that the first thing that I noticed in Queens maybe it's not related to Queens itself, but to my experience, is that finally, after so many days, I see the sky

You see? Behind me pure sky! I do not know, it's weird maybe after being in Manhattan for a while It's nice! Hello! I'm in Queens today and I sleep at Nick's house, which is a teacher and is the best host in the world, it's kind and fun and he always tells me a lot of interesting things about his neighborhood which I love! I moved in with him yesterday afternoon late afternoon, and then in the evening we went out together here in Queens Well, not in Queens, because Queens covers a very large area Geography lesson n1

Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City The others are: Queens is huge, as you can see Here we are in Astoria, And this is Astoria: that's a fantastic place indeed, I love it! I love it! I think it is very underestimated Those who live in Manhattan tend to consider Queens as a very boring place, I do not know why It's so interesting for me! It's still very cold in New York today is cloudy and they say it will snow then winter is still going on here as you can see! We went out last night we had a long walk Nick showed me the neighborhood and then we had dinner with a poke bowl which is a big trend in New York during this period and it's basically Hawaiian food It is a bowl of rice with of the sushi above and then you can combine various other ingredients, you can have us put whatever you want [Like edamame, algae, sauces, sesame, spices, vegetables

] I liked it a lot, it's delicious! If you happen try a poke bowl it's worth it! Now it's afternoon I'm taking the metro to go meet Nick He just finished work, at school and he will take me around again We have to meet in another area north of Astoria and then we'll turn around

I do not know what your program is, he told me to go hungry so I think we'll do a food tour [yeeee!] Let's see I'm excited at the idea! However for me the metro in New York is terrible I do not want to talk loudly that there are people around A train for Jamaica !? That sign is hilarious! Geography lesson n

2 I'm taking the subway to a neighborhood called Jackson Heights near Astoria, located here: Jackson Heights is a largely Latin-American neighborhood The largest communities are Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Colombian There is a lively and colorful atmosphere and many sounds on the streets The official announcement of the snowstorm scheduled for the following night On line 7, slowly traveling to Flushing Geography lesson n

3 We are coming to Flushing, the Asian neighborhood par excellence in New York It's here: Ravioli! My first encounter with this wonderful fruit, which will have a special role in my journey You will see why in my next video And this other one is called jackfruit We have alternated food and beer in a perfect dynamic One of my favorite things when I go to a foreign country is to visit the supermarkets / grocery stores It's fascinating to me because he really says a lot about that culture So I'm here in the "real Chinatown" [I say this because most Chinese in New York live in Flushing] [look at the ethnographic map I have linked in the description to find out more] I'm in a big Chinese supermarket and we're going to explore the food a little bit Duck eggs

Lots of algae and mushrooms! Again the jackfruit A curiosity about this fruit is that it has a bad smell so strong which is prohibited on public transport in many Asian countries We taste some food from northwest China The spiciest dish I've ever tried I could not hear my mouth anymore Thanks Nick! Street food: lamb skewer One of the best ever tried, I must say We ended the evening with more beer and other street food Chive pancakes eaten on the way back home I had a lot of fun with Nick! I'm so happy to have met him

The next morningjust woke up Hey guys!!! It's March 21st first day of spring and that's how it is in New York as you can see! Oh my god I'm so happy, I love the snow !! We got up this morning I slept at Nick's house is

yes we got up this morning with these beautiful snowflakes that fell from the sky! Oh my god guys it's so nice This year I saw heavy snowfall type 5 or 6 times so I'm very happy Yesterday they announced a state of emergency weather for this snowstorm that was coming and they even closed some schools but I must say that it is rather quiet it's just very pleasant, at least for me Now I greeted Nick and I booked a hostel for tonight so I'm going to Queens – no, sorry – Brooklyn! So I take the metro and bye bye Queens, bye bye Astoria but I really hope to come back because I really liked this neighborhood But let's see a little bit like Brooklyn It is really convenient to bring the suitcase with snow It does not matter

It's wet snow so it's not that bad The hostel I'm going to is in Williamsburg near the Williamsburg bridge Let's see if I stay more time, for now I have only booked one night Maybe I will stay longer I'm really very happy

Look here! It's so beautiful! We'll see Brooklyn in the snow next time I will also show you how I made party at the weekend Be ready to amaze yourself Put a thumbs up on the video and subscribe to my channel!

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