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The Day After Christmas | Favorite Gifts & 3 Questions & TRAVEL stories!!

The Day After Christmas | Favorite Gifts & 3 Questions & TRAVEL stories!!
07 Aug

Hey girls! Happy morning after christmas! I just woke up in case you couldn't tell How were your Christmases? Comment below like the favorite gift that you gave somebody and the favorite gift you got

Probably one of my favorites this year that I gave was to my sister Liyah She collects ornaments and she loves art, so as part of her gift I found these chalkboard ornaments at target and you can draw on them So I sent her those and she really loved them And then another favorite was for my other sister Amy She loves unicorns and rainbows and she's in college and so I found at Marshalls this unicorn tape dispenser with the rainbow washi tape in it

And she was like, "Awesome, it's a unicorn with a rainbow coming out of its butt!" It's actually supposed to be a tail but it was hilarious I think the favorite gift I got — I got a lot of really amazing gifts, I was like so blown away — but my favorite was a gag gift OK so over Thanksgiving um apparently I was like crying and stuff because I was so tired, we just had been traveling a lot and I cry all the time Like Christmas Eve I was watching Pitch Perfect 2 for the third time with my in-laws and I cried during the end And I never used to be a crier so my little sister Amy was convinced that I was pregnant

So she and two of my other siblings — there's five of us total — decided to team up and give me a gag gif And I hope you can see it but the box says, "Congrats on your baby" So the box is from Amy with balloons and this onesie and then my brother Andrew gave me a pregnancy test and my sister Iris gave me a Motherhood Maternity gift card So I'm not pregnant but when I am, I'm ready I guess So during the Christmas giveaway you guys wrote in amazing questions, and there's only like three of them that are funny questions; all the rest are very serious

And so I figured I'd answer those three this morning So one of them was, "Would you rather have a bunny-size elephant, or an elephant-sized bunny?" OK that question just makes me think of when I was a kid and I was like pretending to be an elephant And it also makes me think of the bunny we had as a child who bit us every time we tried to pet it

So I guess like, neither? I don't really like bunnies or elephants I guess I'll follow that up with the next question, which was, "If you could have a pet — anything in the world — what would it be?" Honestly, like a rock I actually don't really like animals Not that I don't like them; like I like my parents dog Yoshi He's actually like a grumpy old man, but I think he's super cute and loyal

And so I'm a big fan of Yoshi but like animals are so much work to take care of I do love horses however and I've gotten to ride Rocky Mountain horses, which has been really fun So I guess if I had to choose an animal i choose a horse but it would have to come with someone to take care of the horse, because I don't want to do the work So And then the third question was about traveling

And it was saying, "Do you like traveling, where have you been, have you been to Europe?" Actually my husband and I are hoping to go to Europe this spring or summer, which I'm really excited about because i love — we both love — traveling so much! So he's been to Europe before He's actually visited 18 countries I've only visited six outside of the US So when I was 15 I went to china for a month and I taught English there which was amazing because I've always wanted to go there I also went to Australia and studied abroad there which was amazing

Got to go snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, and actually while snorkeling this big huge stingray like the size of my body was swimming beneath me a few feet down and it freaked me out and I like swam as fast as I could back to the ship and got on it and didn't go snorkeling again I was like, "I'm gonna die like Steve Irwin died!" I would have been fine actually but I was so scared While I was in Australia I went for a week to New Zealand as well and that was like the most beautiful place I've ever been I've also been to Costa Rica where I got to eat rice and beans and plantains at every meal which was my favorite I also tried to speak my limited Spanish with the people that we were staying with — the host family — and I was trying to compliment their coffee but they thought I was hating on their coffee

It was kind of awkward And then I've been to Mexico a couple times My family went down there when I was 11 with my uncle who was a pastor in Southern California So we went down to Mexico to Tijuana and handed out food and that was my first time seeing people live in shacks — like in cardboard boxes that they turned into their house if they were lucky All these people lived in the dump and some of them have like a mattress that they would like wedge upwards and just sleep underneath it for shelter

It was a very eye-opening moment for 11-year-old Tiffany And then Canada and the US, and that's all that I've been So I've never been to Europe yet and I really, really want to go I would love to go to every country in the world in my life — that's my goal — and every state in the US I've been to 47 out of the 50 states right now in the US

I'm missing Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii So yeah, so this summer we're hoping to go to Europe One of his [James's] friends is potentially getting married on Crete, an island outside of Greece, and so we're hoping to do a little Mediterranean trip and sight seeing together, and then I want to go up to England and Ireland to do a speaking tour So if you are in Europe or you know people there who might want to have me speak, let me know; that'd be pretty sweet So yeah

So those were the three really fun questions Thanks for sending those, girls, and I can't wait to do videos on the more serious questions because they were just amazing This Christmas season I found myself just like in awe of the miracle of Christmas I've never really been a big Christmas person, but I just found myself in awe of this idea of the God-man — like fully God, fully man, Jesus comes to earth Like our Christmas Eve service at our church — it was just so beautiful

I remember in past years just thinking, "Wow it's really long, like two-and-a-half hours!" This year it was only two hours, but it just it felt like it flew by because it was just so beautiful and like rich and I just felt like in awe of God So, I don't know, it's been really cool having this new Christmas experience for me So merry Christmas girls and happy new year! I can't wait to see you again in 2017 Bye!

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