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TfL STARS – School travel plan accreditation scheme

TfL STARS – School travel plan accreditation scheme
06 Aug

The STARS scheme is TfL's Schools Travel Accreditation scheme that encourages and promotes safer and active travel on the journey to school There are major benefits for schools to participate because it reduces congestion around the school gates but also the pupils they're more energetic and they're more ready to participate in the school day You get used to scootering everyday and sometimes I walk; for example when we get up really early but usually I scooter It was actually quite alarming that 50% of the children were travelling by car and within 12 months, through the work and the initiatives, it dropped down 20% down to 30% Go go go go! When you're at home, sitting down, you are thinking "Ok what can I do to make this better?" you take your bike, you go outside and try and practice all the stuff

so as you are getting fitter and fitter We're encouraging all the children to get out of the cars, get to school under their own steam and use their own energy to move around Right, put your breaks on! And if we've taught them the basic safety rules of riding on a scooter they'll be safe out on the pavements What's great about the STARS scheme is it links to areas of the curriculum from P

E- Physical Education, through to geography, english, science and maths So tell me what things are you going to put on your posters? We have toolkits and guide books that help schools get those links with lesson plans to see how the STARS scheme can link into educational outcomes that the school is focused on Schemes like this, that Transport for London put forward, they create a chance for children to learn in a more fun way, more relaxed way

They can pick what it is they want to learn and they can fly with it, so this really is about educating the whole person There is lots of research that has shown that children who know how to cycle as children

will be the cycling commuters of the future So it is absolutely critical that we instil these lessons from a young age for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle Welcome to our Travel Ambassador's safety assembly, we hope you enjoy it We do provide Bikeability for year 7's and year 8's, and it's all free

We get everyone to do it so they can get to school in a safe and friendly way When somebody cycles in three times in a row they get a bikers breakfast card, which gives them free breakfast or a hot chocolate

With the TfL design the whole concept of having a bikers breakfast from a poster campaign, registration form, that's been really, really helpful, so it's meant very minimal work from me What's fantastic about the STARS scheme is that it's been around for several years and over this time we've been able to develop best practice toolkits so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel There are ready made campaign toolkits that schools can pick up

and just run with, and what's great is that schools have support with their local borough officer Either a school travel advisor or road safety officer who can guide them through the process of getting onto the scheme And we understand that schools have a lot of other things to do

and whilst this is an incredible benefit to them we have to make it easy for schools A big part of STARS is collecting the evidence so if your run an event take a photo, have a lesson plan of the geography where you've talked about sustainable travel, keep this all in a file so that when you go to update your travel plan online you've got all the information ready to go

and all you have to do is just load it up What we also want to do is, we want to recognise and reward schools for their efforts and we provide plaques and certificates schools can proudly display at their school gates to show what they're doing to make a difference and the top schools, the schools that make the biggest difference

are invited to our annual school travel awards event that we hold at City Hall And the pupils come and they see that their efforts are being recognised at the highest levels of government in London Where what you are doing at a local level is making a difference all across the city

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