Thursday, 24 January 2019

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21 Aug

WHAT’S THAT SMELL IN THE PYRAMIDS?! ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

(theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away Hey guys! It's Me Ra and Brian and we are so excited! We are in our home school room But we like to think of the world […]

09 Aug


Backpacker life For me, backpacking shouldn't be complicated So don't make your backpack heavy with the unnecessary stuff Because, of course, this backpack will always be in your back So don't make your journey heavier A laptop charger A sleeping bag Less than 1 kg Very important for backpacking because […]

09 Aug

Packing for Bali 6 days: What’s In My Backpack?

I have super strength Hello everyone, so I will go to Bali tomorrow for 6 days and in this video I will look at you how I can keep all my things in one backpack this is it okay, it doesn't look very small, it's about 10kg but this can […]

07 Aug

Rules about bringing pets into Canada | What’s the Deal?

It’s vacation time, and Sparky’s along for the ride! [Woof!] What does the CFIA have in common with today’s special guest? [What’s the Deal?] If you’re bringing pets into Canada, or returning with pets after an international trip, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has a role to play! So, what’s […]