Monday, 18 February 2019

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22 Aug

New Years Eve 2016 – 2017 Ski and Snowboard party | Family Travel Vlog | Fireworks and Torch Parade

So Hi guys, welcome back to NatureForKids, we're having some fun at Nordic Valley We're here for a New Years Eve party Party Wohoo! And were gonna get like glow sticks, and tons of other stuff and were gonna do this torch parade where people are gonna be like at […]

22 Aug

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park Lembang | Travel Vlog

Hi, now we're at Dusun Bambu This is Lembang or not? Yes No This is like before Lembang Raya street you turn left to Dusun Bambu next to Kampung Gajah the place is so large cool, nature, so green, fun cold, pretty, cozy there's a lot instagrammable spot right now […]

09 Aug

SPAIN VLOG part 2: Barcelona / charging tips for travel

I arrived at Airbnb in Barcelona Oh, something goes with you It is a very beautiful place Let me show you inside This is the door, As I walked, At home feeling There is a kitchen here, It is new and beautiful This is a cabinet with a microwave oven […]

09 Aug

What Happened When I Went Backpacking!? – Blog de viajes/Travel Vlog

Forest Gump quote advice Flights Sites friends Take a step in my trip And get ready to start yours

08 Aug

Travel Trip Cancun Mexico | 20th Wedding Anniversary | Family Vlog

Hi all good morning we are on our way to Mexico we are just about to leave in fact we're running late and we going to catch a taxi because it's like 4:00 am in the morning and so but I'm feeling ready for the trip I'm feeling gorgeous gorgeous […]

08 Aug

Singapore Day 2 | Art Science Museum – Future World | Travel Vlog

Good morning Welcome to my channel, it's Kim It's too late now, it's 11AM and I just woke up == I go here everytime I'm in Singapore I think i came here oncee Editor's Market again this mall is awesome, except for the fact that I dont have money =) […]

07 Aug

The Most Romantic Wedding Anniversary |Travel Vlog | Cancun Mexico | Family Vlog

what we wanted to experience you know because most people you stay within the touristy areas all you get is more America yeah so this is like more Mexican which is good hola from Mexico it is the night of our anniversary I am like so excited we also have […]

07 Aug


We literally have not been here more than five minutes, and I've already seen a Bentley, two Ferraris, a Lambo and a Porsche "Bonjour tous le monde Ca va?" What's going on ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back to the channel Right now we are in the French Riviera So you […]

07 Aug

FAMILY TRAVEL VLOG : NYC/Niagara Falls/Beach! (eng sub)ㅣ 뉴욕/나이아가라 폭포 가족여행 브이로그!

ME : Mom say hello! MOM : Hello~ ME : Dad! Video! ME : I am recording a video DAD : What are you recording? MOM : just say hi lol ME : It's a video dad!! lol (say something plz lol) Mom : Hi~ We are in the US! […]

07 Aug

Laos Travel Vlog #7: Cooking and Stories with a Local Hmong Family

In today's episode i returned back to Phosy market with ken one of the tour guides from my trip we need to grab fresh meat including this absolutely fresh fish We also need veggies , herbs and spices from the market before heading to ken's house to cook A traditional […]