Monday, 18 February 2019

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16 Aug

A family house is a travel spot? [Battle Trip / 2017.03.12]

(DinJae-Duk Tour) (Kim Koo's traces) (Hidden travel destinations) (And delicious restaurants in Shanghai) The dumplings look delicious – It looks like you had fun / – It was so much fun I liked all the food I tried in Shanghai – I liked it all / – That's right – […]

12 Aug

Travel to chandpur trip Dhaka To Chadpur(Travel Dhaka to Chanpur With Friends & family)

Travel Dhaka to chadpur

10 Aug

3 Little Pig Travel to Hyatt Ziva Cancun Mexico | First Family Trip | All-inclusive Resort

Hi guys! It was our first family trip out of the country with all the 3 pigs Jessie was so excited because she was going to celebrate her birthday there Before the trip, we had done a lot of research We prepared a lot of dollar bills to tip throughout […]

09 Aug

How-To Plan A Family Road Trip – Travel Channel

So we're here in the Good To Know test vehicle, researching some ways to help you survive a family road trip I like to think we've come up with some great ideas for having a groovy experience Which shouldn't be hard if your experience is starting off like this First […]

08 Aug

Travel Trip Cancun Mexico | 20th Wedding Anniversary | Family Vlog

Hi all good morning we are on our way to Mexico we are just about to leave in fact we're running late and we going to catch a taxi because it's like 4:00 am in the morning and so but I'm feeling ready for the trip I'm feeling gorgeous gorgeous […]

08 Aug

Winter RV trip to Arizona, Snowbird travel stories, Travel adventures in our RV,

This is just after we crossed the border into Montana Interesting that we were on prairie all threw southern Alberta And now you can see mountains over there Of corse I forgot my sunglasses and we are driving into the sun The Missouri river Dot would love these roads As […]

07 Aug

Travel Day Family Hawaii Trip

where are you going? no where? no no she's telling me no Declan where are we going? Hawaii! (laughing) Raleigh was like no no filming mommy yeah any unattended baggage will be subject to confiscation any unattended baggage should be reported immediately to an airline representative or law enforcement officer […]

07 Aug

Student Travel Stories | Nursing Students Trip

I'm Resha Juanillo, I'm a senior nursing student I'm also the Student Nurses Association of Guam's President Hi! I'm Gizzele Valencia I'm the Vice President of SNAG We went to a NSNA Conference in Arizona The activities we were able to do at the conference was first and foremost, be […]

07 Aug

Minimalist Backpacking- For a trip to Thailand

Okay, what's up guys? I'm going to Thailand in a week I'm going to Chiang Mai and I'm going for a fruit hunt because since about three years I'm vegan, and I'm really fascinated by these fruitarian guys And I really wanted to go to thailand and you know check […]

06 Aug

Our Top Road Trip Tips!!

Hi friends! Martha here Gavin and I just got back from a big road trip across the province and we thought this would be a really good time to share with you guys some of our top road tripping tips These aren't silly Wanderlust, or BuzzFeed tips about how to […]