Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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10 Aug

12 Tips For Sustainable Travel

Travel is a beautiful thing It helps us grow, experience other cultures and appreciate our differences But if we're not careful, it can be destructive to the environment, ironically destroying the places that we travel so far to see But it doesn't have to I'm Marko I'm Alex And you […]

06 Aug

Exploratrice de possibles: 1 year of sustainable nomadism and 23 tips later / travel vlog Nov. ’17

I wanted to talk to you about 23 things I learned traveling from Europe to Asia as a "nomadic sustainable" Sustainable nomadism: 23 tips after 1 year First of all Thanks to my supporters Tipeee! My carbon impact My carbon impact for this first year of "sustainable nomadism" is 29 […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

How can we make sure that tourists spend their holidays well, that local culture and the environment still flourish? The answer lies in sustainable tourism, which has a weak impact on the environment, providing new jobs and cultural awareness, which is beneficial for everyone "Most people do not realize how […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

How can we be sure that tourists have a good time on vacation during business trips and studying the local culture, without harming the environment at the same time? The answer to this lies in the steadily developing tourism A business model that seeks to reduce the impact on the […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

how will we be sure that the tourists have a good time in vacation? that the economy, local culture and environment Harm is in good condition? The answer lies in the ecological tourism, in the enterprise business model, which tends to have a low impact on the environment, while at […]

06 Aug

TfL STARS – School travel plan accreditation scheme

The STARS scheme is TfL's Schools Travel Accreditation scheme that encourages and promotes safer and active travel on the journey to school There are major benefits for schools to participate because it reduces congestion around the school gates but also the pupils they're more energetic and they're more ready to […]

06 Aug

How to fix travel | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholm

Translator: Annika Bidner Reviewer: Mile Živković Travel has gone from this — brave, uncharted, unique and authentic destinations to this — (Laughter) — safe mass market destinations and big business And by big business, I mean 1 4 trillion dollars last year, in international travel alone OK, it's making money […]

06 Aug

United – Eco-Skies – Upcycle Travel Bag Challenge

[Music playing] United and our Eco-Skies program continue to build a more sustainable future, and that’s why we’re partnering with fashion students from Columbia College Chicago who are competing to design unique travel bags made from recycled materials The great thing about getting to use recycled materials is the opportunity […]

06 Aug


Do you want to travel more responsibly? Okay, well here are 10 sustainable travel tips that you need to adopt Number 1, recycle and don't litter Respect the country you're visiting and do not litter ever Take it a step further and recycle what you can when you can And […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Travel in Rio de Janeiro’s favela – Favela Experience, Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro

In my opinion, the hostel has an obligation to make a social impact in the community In order for this to happen, the people responsible for the hostel have to see their business as a part of the ecosystem In order for us to identify our place within the community, […]