Monday, 18 February 2019

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10 Aug

Look What I Found! – Fire Tower – Clark Forest 2017 – Backpacking with Just Plain Phillip

Hi and welcome to Backpacking with Just Plain Phillip Today I'm at the Clark State Forest with my sister Say "Hi Sis!" SISTER: HI! We're at the fire tower, we've climbed to the top Way down there is the car You can see Louisville off in the distance (I'm sorry […]

10 Aug

Gordon LED Worklight Review/Overview- Harbor Freight – Backpacking with Just Plain Phillip

(Music – I'm playing on my Harmonica) Hi friends! Welcome to Backpacking with Just Plan Phillip I would like to do a review of this light that I picked up at Harbor Freight So I have been looking for better lighting, especially when I am I am out in a […]

10 Aug

My Story – Backpacking with Just Plain Phillip

Today I'm going to set some things straight Here's the new schedule Mondays will always be new videos Fridays will be new videos, old videos, or something different This will give me time to post to WordPress and connect on Facebook Check them out by the way, the links are […]

06 Aug

We extended our Karma Membership to enhance our world travel plans | Phillip & Jenny Martin

my name is Philip Martin and my wife Jenny Martin we are members of Karma Group we were here in Bali a year ago on the holiday and we got introduced to the Karma Group we went to the Karma Group offices here in Jimbaran Bay we were told about […]