Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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16 Aug

A family house is a travel spot? [Battle Trip / 2017.03.12]

(DinJae-Duk Tour) (Kim Koo's traces) (Hidden travel destinations) (And delicious restaurants in Shanghai) The dumplings look delicious – It looks like you had fun / – It was so much fun I liked all the food I tried in Shanghai – I liked it all / – That's right – […]

08 Aug

John Legend and Teigen’s daughter is ready to travel the world.

 Little Luna is ready to travel the world! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's adorable 2-year-old daughter glamorously arrived to a Kinko's on Friday to have her passport photo taken — and, naturally, Teigen shared the experience on her social media  “Let’s get this sh*t over with," the 32-year-old Lip Sync Battle co-host […]

07 Aug

What is the Cost of Backpacking in New Zealand (2018)

in this video we are going to cover everything you need to know about the cost of backpacking in New Zealand everything about transportation cost of life accommodation epic activities and on top of that we'll cover everything you need to know about a working holiday visa in New Zealand […]

06 Aug


Imagine a place Where everything is possible A place Where there is More than one hundred thousand glaciers Where there is The highest peak in North America A place Where nature dominates And where the fauna is master Well Stop imagining This place exists It is Alaska It was Alaska […]

06 Aug

How Expensive is it to Travel Japan? | Budget Travel Tips

I think to many people the words budget and Japan seem to be something of a contradiction There's this assumption that the cost of visiting Japan for a two-week holiday, would be enough to bankrupt dictator, but it doesn't have to In the last year's Japan has experienced a boom […]

06 Aug

PJ Masks Where in the World is Romeo The Assistant Ultimate travel Scavenger Hunt

– [Child] Family fun for everyone! – We're at the Montserrat – [Man] We're at the Montserrat Monastery near Barcelona, Spain, right? – Right – [Man] And you know what? We were getting told that PJ Masks has been hidden by Romeo – In all different, well, different countries – […]

06 Aug

How Difficult is Travelling Japan without Japanese? | Travel Tips

One of the most intimidating and frightening aspects of a voyage overseas is the sudden inability to communicate with his environment So it's probably not surprising that one of the most frequently asked questions I've got over the years is How hard is it to travel to Japan without Japanese? […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

How can we make sure that tourists spend their holidays well, that local culture and the environment still flourish? The answer lies in sustainable tourism, which has a weak impact on the environment, providing new jobs and cultural awareness, which is beneficial for everyone "Most people do not realize how […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

How can we be sure that tourists have a good time on vacation during business trips and studying the local culture, without harming the environment at the same time? The answer to this lies in the steadily developing tourism A business model that seeks to reduce the impact on the […]

06 Aug

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

how will we be sure that the tourists have a good time in vacation? that the economy, local culture and environment Harm is in good condition? The answer lies in the ecological tourism, in the enterprise business model, which tends to have a low impact on the environment, while at […]