Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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21 Aug

WHAT’S THAT SMELL IN THE PYRAMIDS?! ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

(theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away Hey guys! It's Me Ra and Brian and we are so excited! We are in our home school room But we like to think of the world […]

21 Aug

Shocking Teacher Teaches Us! ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

Hey everybody! It's Adventure Family! It's Me Ra and Brian, and we are so excited to take you back to Egypt! Yes! We're going to Aswan today Kids, say that with me That is so ridiculous No, grow up! We're going to Aswan because this is a really cool place […]

20 Aug

Make Your Own Hot Tub on Hot Water Beach ☼ Family Travel in New Zealand

Hey! Welcome to Adventure Family! I'm Brian and next to me is this gorgeous woman, my wife, Me Ra And today we're taking you to New Zealand My grandma's home country (Me Ra) Yeah, that's right! New Zealand is one of the most amazing places you could ever experience as […]

18 Aug


Being able to connect with a gentle giant that is part of the animal kingdom is got to be the most amazing experience ever (theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away Let's take the […]

17 Aug

BEST FAMILY ADVENTURES: Sailing the Nile on an Egyptian Felucca ☼ Family Travel in Egypt

(Brian) Hello Everybody!! Adventure Family!!! (Me Ra) Hey Guys! It's Me Ra and Brian and we are going to take you back to Egypt We are so excited to take you down the Nile Yes (Brian) Yes, my Cleopatra My queen (Me Ra) Have you noticed in any of these […]

17 Aug

Floating on Dead Sea + Mud Baths = Family Spa Day! ☼ Family Travel in Israel

Hey guys, it's Blaze, the man from Adventure Family And today we're going to Israel where we visit the Dead Sea (Brian) The Dead Sea It was such an awesome time Um, Blaze has a lot of tips to share with you at the Dead Sea You'll have to pay […]

16 Aug


(theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away (theme song ends) Hey this is Brian with the Adventure Family and I'm in Thailand right now at our favorite house in the jungle And I'm here […]

16 Aug

Living like Ancient Jewish Shepherds on Ass Avenue (Part 1) ☼ Family Travel in Israel at Kfar Kedem

Hey Guys! This is Pascaline from Adventure Family and today we are actually filming in Thailand but we wanted to give you a glimpse into the past of when we were in Israel We got to dress up like ancient Jews learn the life of what it was like then […]

15 Aug

Real cultural immersion on Lifou in New Caledonia [ family travel series ]

Today we bring you to Lifou – The biggest of the Loyalty islands We will see the waves crashing against the cliffs We will explore an underground cave We will learn the island’s language with school children And me… i will catch my very first fish !! Are you ready […]

11 Aug

Sightseeing in Dhaka : Day 1 (Solo backpacking Bangladesh)

I am in Dhaka university – Arts faculty with my friend Mr Abdul Rahim Khan, a ka Ratul, who is going to show his university campus The structure behind me is known as 'Undefeatable Bengali' The campus is very nice, reminds me of my college days in Delhi University The […]