Monday, 18 February 2019

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11 Aug

Backpacking Europe: Our Itinerary!

Joe: (tsks) Hmmm Sonnie: Hi, everybody! J: (in silly, snobby voice) Where are my glasses, dear? S: You don't have glasses and welcome to the Sonnie and Joe Talk Show J: Hmm Interesting Hello and welcome to The Sonnie and Joe Talk Show (Sonnie laughs) S: Is that what we're […]

11 Aug

Packing Up A Wet Tent – Backpacking Tip

A nice light pitter-patter of precipitation on the outside of your tent can be a great sound to fall asleep to at night However, that precipitation doesn't do us many favors when it's time to pack up in the morning It can be a challenge keeping your wet and dry […]

11 Aug

How To: Pack a Backpacking Pack

Hey everybody, my name is Jjosh with the Outdoor Gear Exchange here to talk to you today about packing a backpack for multi-day trek First thing we're going to talk about is weight and weight distribution We don't want to make sure that we're carrying enough gear for the duration […]

11 Aug

Sightseeing in Dhaka : Day 1 (Solo backpacking Bangladesh)

I am in Dhaka university – Arts faculty with my friend Mr Abdul Rahim Khan, a ka Ratul, who is going to show his university campus The structure behind me is known as 'Undefeatable Bengali' The campus is very nice, reminds me of my college days in Delhi University The […]

11 Aug


10 Aug

Rio 2 Porto Alegre – Episodio 1 | Backpacking in Brasile

We're in Milano Linate Airport and we're flying to Madrid, Barajas So, the journey has just begun the journey has just begun We were so lucky that after 5 minutes of flight two passengers in front of us reclined their seats and now this is the space I have from […]

10 Aug

Philippines & Hongkong – Backpacking 2015

Frankfurt Take Off in Düsseldorf, Germany Somewhere in the sky 🙂 Hello Hongkong Bye bye Hongkong Over Hongkong Touchdown in Manila, Philippines Bye bye Manila On the road in Cebu Gooooood morning (way to early) Bye bye Cebu Over the clouds Hello Siargao, you beautiful island Touchdown Siargao (shortest runway […]

10 Aug

Backpacking Meal Spinach Orzo Soup Using Firebox Stove and Zebra Pot

everybody we're doing spinach orzo soup outside we're going to use a couple items that I don't use very often not much use it in cold weather situations which is the firebox and my zebra pot using the 10 centimeter zebra pot I'm getting some charcoal warmed up here so […]

10 Aug

Beyond the Mountains – Backpacking through Japan

Quick summary We have landed in Tokyo and leave Osaka After being fooled by the coastal wind for a while, we decided to go inland to find the heat But unfortunately we could not go directly to Osaka, because of a mountain without roads So our next goal was Kofu, […]

10 Aug

Their Lives Were a Mess! – Dollar for Dollar EP 1 – #backpacking #nepal

Lunchando to achieve success and meaning in their lives Two friends accept the challenge of exposing Nepal in 7 days with 7 dollars This is the estoria of them [music] Dollar for Dollar Episode 1 >> BRETT: $ 5, $ 6, $ 7 [music] Ten years later >> DANIEL VO: […]