Monday, 18 February 2019

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11 Aug

Sightseeing in Dhaka : Day 1 (Solo backpacking Bangladesh)

I am in Dhaka university – Arts faculty with my friend Mr Abdul Rahim Khan, a ka Ratul, who is going to show his university campus The structure behind me is known as 'Undefeatable Bengali' The campus is very nice, reminds me of my college days in Delhi University The […]

07 Aug

FAMILY TRAVEL VLOG : NYC/Niagara Falls/Beach! (eng sub)ㅣ 뉴욕/나이아가라 폭포 가족여행 브이로그!

ME : Mom say hello! MOM : Hello~ ME : Dad! Video! ME : I am recording a video DAD : What are you recording? MOM : just say hi lol ME : It's a video dad!! lol (say something plz lol) Mom : Hi~ We are in the US! […]

07 Aug

Traveling with a Pet Ferret : Traveling With a Pet Ferret

Hi there! I'm Fran Friedman from Morning Star Animal Sanctuary and I am here to talk to you about traveling with your ferrets on behalf of expertvillagecom The first thing is ferrets do love to travel When you have your ferrets, sometimes leaving them home is stressful and they do […]

07 Aug

How to Pack for Vacation : How to Travel with Pets

Hi, Chrissy Lyons back on behalf for expert village as we continue in our travel talk This segment we're going to talk about pet travel As you can see I have little helper here This is Sophie Sophie loves to travel We go lots of places together When you travel […]

07 Aug

Manali to Sarchu : Ladakh : Episode 1

Holy! That's some view, right? Here I am, standing in the midst of these huge mountains looking down the valley thankful to get to experience all of this Thankful to get this chance to go on a journey that many dream of but a few get to experience Thankful for […]

07 Aug

Metro Travel Stories : Van groene vallei naar stedelijke jungle

Unfortunately, in Brazil we do not know our history But in my heart, I feel that it's a place of resistance, you know? A place of people who found somehow energy, strength and dreams When I come here, it's as if I was reconnecting with my ancestors If the person […]

07 Aug

Metro Travel Stories : Tetris Hostel Iguaçu

Notre chambre Notre bar A swimming pool Salut! Are you going? Je m'appelle Karin Je suis une des propriétaires de l'auberge Tetris Container Hostel Nous voulions ouvrir une auberge de jeunesse et nous voulions faire quelque chose de différent, quelque chose d'unusual Nous avons ramené ici a concept qui existait […]

07 Aug

Travel Vlog-SANTORINI : Stories in blue & white

I am in the city centre of Athens We have a meeting at Signature's Travel offices together with Lida because we have to take our tickets for Santorini, and I am late as always Lida is already there I left from my work and I am running like crazy to […]

07 Aug

Metro Travel Stories : Montanha para todos

Aujourd'hui nous avons livré Vandaag hebben we de rolstoel the chaise "Julietti" numéro 9 "Julietti" nr 9 geleverd ici dans le Parc National in het Nationale Park of Chapada dos Guimarães Chapada dos Guimarães Juliana a souffert d'un syndrome Juliana heeft aan een heel zeldzaam neurologique très rare neurologisch syndroom […]

07 Aug

Metro Travel Stories : Bonito Brazil’s snorkeling paradise

Notre premier tour consists of descendants avec masque et tuba Bij onze eerste attractie snorkelen we une rivière cristalline in een kristalachtige rivier On peut and voir des diférentes espèces de poissons Men kan er verschillende soorten vis observeren Il ya des jours où on peut rencontrer a caïman, anaconda […]