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Sustainable Travel in Rio de Janeiro’s favela – Favela Experience, Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro

Sustainable Travel in Rio de Janeiro’s favela – Favela Experience, Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro
06 Aug

In my opinion, the hostel has an obligation to make a social impact in the community In order for this to happen, the people responsible for the hostel have to see their business as a part of the ecosystem

In order for us to identify our place within the community, we had to understand what is the connection between the entities within the community, the work that they do here and the hostel we are creating So when someone stays with us around 40% of the profit that we generate goes directly to a non-profit organization Favela Experience was initially developed through a partnership with a local NGO by the name of Ser Alzira de Aleluia This NGO has been in the community for 13 years and has always done a wonderful job of creating helpful programming that was important for the residents of the community But we identified that the NGO was lacking resources, a certain level of sustainability that provides the ability for this programming to continue functioning The NGO's projects include soccer developed in partnership with a professional team Ballet, which serves around 120 girls between the ages of 5 and 18 years old as well as English classes

These are the primary focuses as of today but they have other activities that they're developing We began contacting various local guides and life time community residents in order to identify interesting things that they are developing and look for ways to develop opportunities for our guests and people from all over the world to get to know their projects We offer tours in the favelas of Vidigal and Rocinha as well as many other favelas throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro Even though I am a foreigner, I believe that I have an obligation as a business owner here as someone developing projects here with abilities and connections through the use of the internet to share other's efforts while finding ways to benefit them as well

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