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Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel
06 Aug

how will we be sure that the tourists have a good time in vacation? that the economy, local culture and environment Harm is in good condition? The answer lies in the ecological tourism, in the enterprise business model, which tends to have a low impact on the environment, while at the same time helping to create jobs and cultural consciousness This is a win-win option for everyone

Many people really do not realize and do not know how much this industry is currently affects people's lives, the creation of new workers places in cities, in rural areas, in villages, on the tops of mountains, in remote places, on development, trade, infostructure, and in a reasonable manner, in interaction with the media to achieve its purpose The World Tourism Organization Nations reports that Jerusalem would be the most if it were not a source of employment and income from many developing countries, and this year the volume of business in tourism even surpasses in exports goods for cars, OOH VTL has a regional program around the world from Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific to Europe and Italy Aspirations for development different, in 30 years will be new human Discoveries that will enter the market for a billion new consumers The simplicity of the problem lies in the that we need an infostructure, in the government, so we understand that education is important, that we have to human resources, to ways of achieving and industry What you need in the country, these are the reasons, because of people would come and visit you, for a permanent The basics you need such attractions, Like the Statue of Liberty in New York, in the metro, the museum you do not need the sporting events of the past two weeks, because when these two weeks have passed, the reason for the visit was too

Innovations need to be applied and e-government together with ICT applications how to improve sustainable development, because when countries are in the lead in electronic governance, this helps support ecotourism, thereby contributing to the goals of millennial development, first aid electronic management from the tourism sector can create new workplaces, in turn, contributing to the reduction poverty and the development of the global partnership I Eagle, the number means through a multi-sector partnership And tourism is the best industry for public-private partnership, it requires regulation of border control and growth, also health and environmental issues and planning, but also requires dynamism in the field of entrepreneurship in the private sector, but in reality can lead only to the private sector Development will not happen suddenly, sustainable development is a change in culture, habits and how we manage things related to the state government Ecotourism market, environment, local cultural traditions allow tourists who drain to destination points, to support the local economy, during protection of natural resources, so that the future generation will have the opportunity to see, touch, Try and feel all the wonders of the world as we can today

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