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Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel
06 Aug

How can we make sure that tourists spend their holidays well, that local culture and the environment still flourish? The answer lies in sustainable tourism, which has a weak impact on the environment, providing new jobs and cultural awareness, which is beneficial for everyone "Most people do not realize how much this industry affects their lives, creating vacancies in cities, in rural areas, on mountain peaks and in remote places, interacting with the media to achieve this goal

" The World Tourism Organization informs, that tourism is important, or even the main source growth in employment and income for many developing countries This year, the tourism industry equaled or even surpassed the export of oil, food and cars UNWTO implements regional projects around the world from Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific to Europe and the Middle East "Tourism will develop over the next 30 years 2 billion people wishing to cling to the tourism industry

The solution to the problem lies in the development of infrastructure, The government is aware of the importance of education for the development of this sphere " "What the countries need is the reasons for the constant flow of tourists You need something like a statue of liberty in New York or a subway museum A sporting event should not last two weeks, because when it is over, there will be no reason to return " The application of innovation and e-government in conjunction with ITT contributes to the enhancement of sustainable development, because when countries take control of e-government, it supports the tourism industry, thus designating Millennium Development Goals number one and eight

Electronic government and the tourism industry are able to create new jobs, eradicate poverty and develop global cooperation, that is, target number eight, by establishing partnerships "Tourism is the best industry for public-private partnership He needs border control, the resolution of public health problems, issues of ecology and planning But this also implies the dynamics of entrepreneurship, which can bring only the private sector " "Development does not happen suddenly, sustainable development involves a change in culture, habits and a change in the existing order and government

It takes a lot of action " Sustainable tourism preserves the environment and local cultural traditions, allowing tourists to return again and again Therefore, the support of the local economy ensures the protection of natural resources So future generations will have the opportunity see, touch, try all the wonders of the world, just like we do

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