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Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel

Sustainable Tourism is the Future of Travel
06 Aug

How can we be sure that tourists have a good time on vacation during business trips and studying the local culture, without harming the environment at the same time? The answer to this lies in the steadily developing tourism A business model that seeks to reduce the impact on the environment while helping to create jobs and expand cultural awareness this is a plus for everyone many people do not even understand and do not know how much this industry affects people's lives creating jobs in cities, rural areas in the mountains and remote places developing trade and infrastructure Therefore, this is part of the interaction with the media to achieve a common goal UN World Tourism Organization UN World Tourism Organization reports that tourism is becoming more and more important reports that tourism is becoming more and more important if not the main source of income of developing countries This year the tourism business has become just as profitable as the export of oil, food and automobiles The WTO has regional programs around the world from Africa, America and the Pacific to Europe and the Middle East The next 30 years, tourism will continue to evolve 2 billion visitors will come to travel agencies The problem is that we need a developed infrastructure We need the government to understand the importance of education for inflows of personnel into this industry We need something that would constantly attract tourists to our country something like the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Metro Museum We do not need a sports event that lasts two weeks because as soon as 2 weeks have expired, the reasons for coming to the country will also disappear Constant innovations of e-government together with new technologies help support sustainable development because when the country is led by e-government it helps to support the development of tourism and contributes to the development of the Millennium Goals # 1 and # 8 E-government and the tourism industry can create new jobs in order to combat poverty and promote the development of world cooperation "Goal # 8", by creating relationships in different sectors Tourism is the best industry for public-private partnerships All this requires regulation of border control Addressing health and environmental issues At the same time, it requires active development of entrepreneurship and small business Development can not happen instantly, stable development is a change in culture, habits and how we solve the management problem, there are many nuances associated with this The development of the tourism market allows tourists to gather at destinations Thus, supporting the local economy protecting natural resources For future generations to have the opportunity To see, touch, taste and feel all the wonders of the world, how can we do it today

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