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Sightseeing in Dhaka : Day 1 (Solo backpacking Bangladesh)

Sightseeing in Dhaka : Day 1 (Solo backpacking Bangladesh)
11 Aug

I am in Dhaka university – Arts faculty with my friend Mr Abdul Rahim Khan, a

ka Ratul, who is going to show his university campus The structure behind me is known as 'Undefeatable Bengali' The campus is very nice, reminds me of my college days in Delhi University The Business Faculty building looks better than the Arts Faculty's Even in Delhi University, Infrastructure in Business faculty is better than its Arts faculty From here, I am going to visit the Journalism department and Film & television department Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan on 16 December 1971 Right now, I am at Shaheed Minar A place with a great importance in the history of Bangladesh its also a major tourist attraction in Dhaka In 1952, Bangladeshi citizens gathered at this place for a demonstration Their demand was to provide their language 'Bengali', the status of national language but the then Pakistani police crushed the people's protest Many students and political people got killed So, this monument was built in remembrance of those martyrs Cultural programmes like this are organised at this place on several occasions He is my friend, Ratul

A student of Dhaka university, who is showing me his city Now, i am in Dhakeshwari temple Today 'Holi' is being celebrated here, a major Hindu festival There are lot of Hindus in Dhaka Many of them have gathered here to celebrate Some are outside, playing with colors and water and those do not like to play are waiting insdide the temple The way of celebration is similar like India after visiting Lal bagh and the National museum, I am travelling in a local bus in Dhaka Till now I have been taking rickshaw to visit places Now I am going to visit the Parliament building in a bus Like any other metropolitan city, Dhaka also faces a lot of traffic related problems Its a massive traffic jam I am now going to dodge the traffic to reach the other side of the road I have almost reached the other side and now I am walking towards the Parliament building I am travelling in a Double decker bus now

sitting on the upper level of the bus Its a matter of fascination for me, because we dont have such buses in Delhi This is how a bus looks from inside and this is the outside view Dodging the traffic in Dhaka is something very similar to the traffic in Old Delhi You can see utter chaos everywhere

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