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Rio 2 Porto Alegre – Episodio 1 | Backpacking in Brasile

Rio 2 Porto Alegre – Episodio 1 | Backpacking in Brasile
10 Aug

We're in Milano Linate Airport and we're flying to Madrid, Barajas So, the journey has just begun

the journey has just begun We were so lucky that after 5 minutes of flight two passengers in front of us reclined their seats and now this is the space I have from seat in front of me Francesco is so happy because finally we're having lunch! The choice was between: pasta – which actually looks so bad – and chicken Ok, we're not even landed and someone have stolen my neck pillow I came back from the toilet and my neck pillow was disappeared We don't know who but someone stole it! By the way, the journey was pretty good our bums hurt DUBLIN? LONDON? No, it's Rio de Janeiro! We are in Ipanema! The "good Ciccio" and me Finally it's sunny! So, Ciccio: what did we do today? We survived the favelas What happened? Today we went in a favelAS (favelA, sorry) Right in those narrow streets that FUCKyou're scared just watching at them! What about you kidneys? My kidneys are fine! The liver is still here in place

We're all intact! Bye!

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