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Responsible Travel in Peru with World Expeditions

Responsible Travel in Peru with World Expeditions
06 Aug

Responsible travel has been at the heart of World Expeditions ever since our inception over 40 years ago It really is the element of our company that drives most of our decisions, whether it's operating in the field or employing staff, we're always thinking about what we can give back

We also have a fantastic program called community project travel that allows us and our travellers to give back to communities and to allow local communities to have economic benefit through tourism When you have an operation like us in this remote area, our commitment is to bring them the tools to have a better condition of life We are supporting the people of the communities where we camp We bring these people down to Cusco, we train them in hospitality, food and beverage, and then we bring it back to the communities When we choose a campsite we analyse all the conditions around

The location must be remote The views are VERY important for us If it doesn't follow our conditions, then we're going to move to another site We employ more porters or mule drivers or mules to bring the gas instead of burning wood or cut down trees 10 pieces is a simple but effective initiative that World Expeditions has had in place for about two years now

We basically ask travellers to volunteer their time to collect 10 pieces of litter each day The concept is fairly simple and easy for us to implement and it's been really successful to date Part of our commitment is all the rubbish we bring in, we're going to bring out Cooks are responsible to separate and to bring this rubbish to Cusco Our porters and mule drivers and of course the mules themselves are very important to the cohesiveness of our treks

Without them we couldn't go into remote places on the trails, and so we look after them very well We provide above board wages as well as basic life and accident insurance We also ensure that if one of our porters or mule drivers falls ill on a trek that they receive the same level of medical care as any of our travelers would We ensure that all of our porters and mule drivers are decked out in the right equipment They have gear for wet weather and cold conditions

We also make sure that they have shelter at night in tents The same chef that cooks for our travellers cooks three meals a day for our porters We also make sure that at the end of the trek they have transport in and out from the trailheads so they arrive home safely

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