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Packing Up A Wet Tent – Backpacking Tip

Packing Up A Wet Tent – Backpacking Tip
11 Aug

A nice light pitter-patter of precipitation on the outside of your tent can be a great sound to fall asleep to at night However, that precipitation doesn't do us many favors when it's time to pack up in the morning

It can be a challenge keeping your wet and dry items separate as you throw everything into your pack, but luckily there's a simple way around this and all you need is a trash bag So, go ahead and shake out the trash bag so it's nice and open, and then stuff it into your pack Now a lot of backpackers do this just because a pack liner is a great way to keep those dry items dry, so the first thing you'll want to do is stuff any dry items inside of the trash bags and the go ahead and take other items like your sleeping pad and maybe you have a jacket or two and put those down in And then after you have everything that you want to stay dry inside of the trash bag, go ahead and roll the top of that trash bag down Then you can take things that may have got wet from the precipitation and stuff those on the outside of the trash bag in between the trash bag and your pack

So the other great part about putting the wet items on the outside of the trash bag is that they're very easily accessible this way, so as soon as you get sunshine later on down the trail you can pull those wet items out and do a reset dry and get them dried back out to their original state So, I hope you found this video helpful If you did, give us a thumbs up And to see more tips and tricks that can help make packing up in the morning a breeze, click right here on this video

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