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New Years Eve 2016 – 2017 Ski and Snowboard party | Family Travel Vlog | Fireworks and Torch Parade

New Years Eve 2016 – 2017 Ski and Snowboard party | Family Travel Vlog | Fireworks and Torch Parade
22 Aug

So Hi guys, welcome back to NatureForKids, we're having some fun at Nordic Valley We're here for a New Years Eve party Party Wohoo! And were gonna get like glow sticks, and tons of other stuff and were gonna do this torch parade where people are gonna be like at the highest lift and then ski down with like torches

Dads gonna do it He's practicing with them right now and then there's gonna be fireworks! Yea! The snow cat brought all the fireworks up, there they are waiting to explode! That will be awesome What if dad lit one? No Dad will be carrying a torch yea I know, but what if he lit one and carried a torch That would be awesome! Ahhhh BOOM! Ava who did we find? we found Olaf! Were a big fan of Olaf, and Elsa and Ana! they showed up today did a little skiing created a little snow OH look there's the real Olaf! Oh hey Olaf I like warm hugs! It looks like they have a bagillion people inside It's fireworks

Oh It's full of fireworks they loaded one load up there this is the second load getting all the fireworks up oh yea! snow cat getting the fireworks up the hill * Music * Dang it, I was so close I was about to do it then my board hit a piece of ice * Music * I love that kid Nice work Axel! Hello! there's the boys So yea the boys have been doing good

last year they just got so good we got little radios So they older boys take off on the hill and do their own thing Nordic Valley is just perfect for families, you don't worry about them getting lost They are just right there They kinda go do their own thing We kinda do our own thing! We have all our own radio names Wood chuck, Gray Squirrel, yea Cru dubbed Corbin Joke on the slope and he's not a big fan of that nickname Cru thinks it's hilarious Axel Last year we were calling him hulk because

WHOA! hahaha because when he was skiing down he was always going like this Yea he would like flex his arms out I probably got one more before I gotta go get ready for the torch run Lets do this quick one again *Music* Ready miss? Oh Shoot we missed this one Here we go! You guys having fun? OH YEA! Thank you! Finally I get to ride with you

I knowAxel was hogging me ahhhh

Look we have girl boards (singing) Mother daughter snow boarding! Okay so Axel and I made a secret hand shake on the lift last time So you and I need to make one up what do you want to do? hmmmmm Put your hand out here Okay ready

Wait I have one I have one! You go like this (whispering) This is our secret hand shake SHHHHHH Oh nice (Laughing) Taste good? What? You got a little something on your lips

Ohhhhh hey guys it's Cru we are now having the New Years Eve party here at Nordic Soon the fireworks will go off and skiers will be coming down the mountain with their fiery torches that will be really cool My dads up there I want to do it next year I think that would be awesome (Laughing) (Blowing party horns) Guys it's starting! the torch parade is starting

they are coming down the mountain (bugel in background playing music) Oh cool check it out (Music) (Fireworks) (Cheering) Here comes the boys I hope dad didn't fall over and lose his torch (Cheering & Music) Oh there's Dad! Happy new year! ( Cheering) Goodbye 2016!

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