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Must Do at Hyatt Coconut Point Resort l Family Travel

Must Do at Hyatt Coconut Point Resort l Family Travel
21 Aug

Hi guys Carrie Anne from EverythingMom and I just returned from a trip to Bonita Springs, Florida and of course now that I'm home I'm reminiscing about all the great stuff that I experienced at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa

So I thought if you happen to be planning a trip to this resort which is perfect for family getaway, if you're looking for something a little different besides theme parks in Florida I wanted to share with you things that you must do at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point on your next trip Grab breakfast in the courtyard I got into the habit of setting wake-up calls just to get up early when the resort was just sort of coming to life And the Cool Beans coffee shop and market which they actually do Starbucks coffee if you're a big coffee drinker

I went down, they're open 630 (am), grab my coffee and just outside is a nice courtyard with seating and sort of a fountain So sit there Hear the water in the fountain Enjoy your breakfast The perfect way to start your day before things get busy

Enjoy the lazy river as soon as it opens at 9am Now this will be a popular spot if you're bringing the kids Doesn't matter sort of what swim skill and if you're looking for a break from the water slides which they have many at this resort But to go at nine o'clock, nobody's around, grab a tube and just sort of enjoy floating around through the palm trees and under the water slides And you hear there's no splashing

There's no kids screaming There's no bumping into other people I was really surprised I was kind of like the only one there and it was the perfect time to enjoy the lazy river just purely for yourself If the lazy river is a little too mellow for you then try the rock wall

On the other side of the main fountain pool area you will see a fairly large, I think it's a three-sided rock wall Get a good sort of bird's eye view of the resort and the best part is there's no additional fee It's included with your stay I have a feeling if you have kids with a little bit of energy this will be one of the places that you want to hang out Enjoy a local draft at the Corkscrew bar

Now the Corkscrew bar is I guess you would call sort of the pool bar It's located between the activity pool and the adult pool Some great outdoor seating A really long bar to sit up at The reason you want to enjoy a draft is they have installed on the bar what they call a bottoms-up tap

[Okay So explain how it works] [There is a magnet in the bottom of the cup A hole and a magnet And when you put it on the tab there's a magnet there too

So as you can see it holds the cup And then you push it down it pushes the magnet up Fills it with beer Then when I pull it off, it seals it back up Don't push the button

] So the beer is filled in the cup from the bottom of the glass cutting down on the amount of head that you get and getting more great beer So really worth it Even just to see it in action it's pretty cool Take the resort ferry over to Big Hickory Island Beach Although the Hyatt Regency's Coconut Point Resort isn't located on the coast, the ferry will take you to the Hyatt's private beach

So you still get that beach experience There's lots of lounge chairs and umbrellas A sandy beach and it's an amazing place for gathering shells There's like shells all over that beach and keep your eyes peeled while you're on the ferry because you may just spot a dolphin or two Stroll the boardwalk

Whether you're heading to the ferry or coming back from the ferry opt to take the boardwalk between the resort and marina It's surrounded by mangroves You get a peek at some wildlife, a little bit of nature and it's a perfect way to kind of add to that whole holiday escape Speaking of escape For Mom escape to the Stillwater Spa and grab an amazing massage but don't forget to take advantage of the lounge, have a mimosa and enjoy

There's the pool, steam room and a sauna as well You'll be able to tackle whatever the kids to throw at you for the rest of your holiday Head over to the Belvedere room It is like the resort's living room You sit in some nice chairs, comfy couches

Maybe strike up a game of checkers with the kids and enjoy hand crafted cocktail Be sure to schedule your dinner after the sun goes down There are some amazing sunsets at at Coconut Point whether it's from the balcony in your room or down on the resort grounds, over by the dock You will not want to miss how that sun just lights up the sky and the reflections across the water are amazing and certainly were postponing dinner Enjoy some great seafood at Tarpon Bay, the resort's seafood restaurant

They do a good job with their meat entrees as well But really if you're going to be down in Florida, one of the things that you just have to have a seafood And this resort and this restaurant does an amazing job with catch of the day, lobster, shrimp You name it You will be happy and I can say that because I know that my family we're very picky about our food

It really was impressive Cap off your evening with roasting marshmallows over the fire The Hyatt Regency Coconut Point actually has two really nice fire pits Snuggle down into one of the seats or benches Grab a s'more kit from the Cool Beans marketplace and then just savour talking and connecting with family over ooey-gooey marshmallows

It's a perfect way to wrap up your trip So I discovered on my trip that the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point is an amazing destination vacation for your family These 11 ideas were just a few that I think you really do need to try but there's so much more that you can do I'm going be talking a little bit more about my stay at this resort and i'll be sure to include links to those posts and videos down below so you can see what else we sort of experienced and what I thought about it As always you can find me here on Thursdays talking family travel but I'm also year talking books for kids, mom confessions, sort of thoughts going through my mind, and just other fun random family stuff

So don't forget to subscribe so you know in the next video is published and until next time Ciao

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