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Make Your Own Hot Tub on Hot Water Beach ☼ Family Travel in New Zealand

Make Your Own Hot Tub on Hot Water Beach  ☼  Family Travel in New Zealand
20 Aug

Hey! Welcome to Adventure Family! I'm Brian and next to me is this gorgeous woman, my wife, Me Ra And today we're taking you to New Zealand

My grandma's home country (Me Ra) Yeah, that's right! New Zealand is one of the most amazing places you could ever experience as a family It is totally worth the trek I mean, even though it's a little far, it is worth it So, you're going to notice that this is a different episode than normal, because the editing is a lot tighter the episode itself is much shorter, 'cause this is one of the ones we did for Disney and another network

But it was so awesome, we wanted you to see it too You had to see it You must see it So, we'll let you just kinda watch and see why we love this place (Brian) Oh, I'm excited to see

Tell us if you have done what we do at the end of this episode I'd never heard of this before It was super cool and I want to know if any of you have done it too (Me Ra) Yeah, tell us in the comments (theme song begins) I'm off to see the world It's a beautiful day You only get one life Don't let it slip away Let's take the world There's so much to discover We'll hang on to each other Let's risk it all Darling take my hand We'll make a change of plans What we don't know now We'll find out when we get there It's all part of the adventure (theme song ends) (Me Ra) New Zealand is made up of two large islands The North and the South Island

Everybody says that you want to go to the South, but we wanted to get off the beaten path and so we decided to start our adventure in the North One third of the country is protected national parks There are no lethal insects or animals and so camping is a perfect way to experience it Let the adventure begin! The RV is amazing! Britz totally set us up And basically just need to now go get some groceries so we can hook up a sweet barbecue tonight

It's pretty cool (Brian) Babe, you ready to get some wind in your hair and hit the road? (Me Ra) So romantic (Brian) I've been practicing walking on the left side to practice driving on the left side of the road I think it's the left side (Me Ra) New Zealand sits on the Australian and Pacific Plates and these plates grind against each other creating all kinds of geothermal action

When we picked up our RV, we were super jet lagged and had no idea where to go The lady at the RV place told us that just a few hours drive away, up along the Coromandel Peninsula, is one of these geothermal places and great beach camping This is the kind of thing that takes your breath away (Me Ra) We're not in a hurry, babe We're in New Zealand! [laughing] [praying] Amen

(Me Ra) Oh my gosh, you guys Okay, hold on one second I wanna get more of the tree (Me Ra) We are at Hot Water Beach and it's legendary for being able to get on the beach at low tide and dig as fast as you can and make your own hot tub There's just these really cool, natural, geysers that come up

And so as you dig into the sand, the hot water starts to come up from those geysers and you've got your own hot tub And I can't think of a better science project to do with your kids on the road (Me Ra) This is like, I don't know it's just magical (Brian) I'm still just in shock It's a pretty cool

(Blaze) It is awesome (Pascaline) Ow! [laughing] (Me Ra) This was beyond anything I think we could have imagined It's like your own little spa treatment that we got to do There's no better way to learn things than to have have kids experience things hands-on Especially as a family

Hey Guys! This is Pascaline Thanks so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the video If you did, give it a big thumbs up If you're a travel adventure person like we are or you want to watch more of our content make sure you subscribe and make sure you share with all your friends and family

I can't wait to see you guys next Thursday with Adventure Family

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