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How We Travel The World & Work Online Full-Time + 7 Helpful Tips For Digital Nomads

How We Travel The World & Work Online Full-Time + 7 Helpful Tips For Digital Nomads
10 Aug

>> MAT: Hey Everyone! In this video, we're going to talk about how we work online while living in our camper van and also when we're backpacking and travelling >> DANIELLE: We've been working online since 2014 and it's been really great

It's allowed us all kinds of flexibility to travel when and where we want to But it hasn't always been easy, and we've had to find solutions to all kinds of challenges along the way So in this video, we're going to talk about 7 aspects of working online while travelling that we've fine tuned over the years We're going to cover gear, WiFi, how we stay focussed and comfortable We're also going to talk about security, backups, and power

If you're thinking of travelling and working online we think this video is going to be really helpful for you >> MAT: Before we get started, we just want to say a quick thank you to NordVPN for sponsoring this video We'll give you more information about them later on So first up is gear We both have some pretty basic stuff to be able to work online

We each have a small portable laptop, we'll usually carry a few hard drives with us, we have some pretty light and portable mirrorless cameras And if we do buy something new, we try to make sure it's the smallest and lightest version of that thing Having a simple and light setup also means that we're able to carry the important stuff with us all the time For example, if we're taking the plane, we'll never check any important electronic gear We'll never put a laptop in a checked suitcase

So we'll have a small backpack and in there we'll put: our laptops, maybe a hard drive, a camera, and just the essentials that we can't afford to lose >> DANIELLE: When it comes to WiFi, that is probably one of the most important things that we look for when we're travelling and so we've relied a lot on free WiFi for the past few years We've done a lot of work in cafes, we also use public libraries quite a bit And sometimes what we'll do when we're in our camper van is we'll go into either a restaurant or a cafe and order something, we'll work there for a few hours, but we don't like to take up too much space so then we'll move into the camper van and we'll still be able to access their WiFi from the parking lot So it's a little bit sneaky, we're kind of like friendly WiFi pirates who still buy something but we don't necessarily want to spend the whole day in that cafe or restaurant

Sometimes it has been worth it for us to pay to work at a co-working space, which is basically like a communal office space that you can rent by the day, the week, or the month There's usually one in most major cities around the world Sometimes when we are on the move quite a lot and we're moving from place to place almost every single day, or every week, it can get stressful to always be finding a comfortable and affordable place to go and sit and work, or to find free WiFi So a couple of things that we're looking at doing moving forward is we're actually maybe going to get a cell phone It's been almost 7 years since we had one but we might get a small data plan so that we can at least access our emails from wherever we are

We've also been looking at mobile internet plans, so basically you get a small device that's not a cell phone It's a WiFi hotspot Kind of like a router that allows you to access internet while you travel Unfortunately for us, the mobile hotspot plans in Canada, they are available, but they're just not affordable for us One last thing that we're also looking into is a WiFi range extender

It's basically a device that amplifies WiFi signals so that you can access them from further away >> MAT: Next up is focus We're often working in public spaces, in cafes, places that are just pretty loud, noisy, and distracting So one thing that I find really helps me to stay focussed is to use a pair of good noise cancelling headphones Right now I have this pair that a friend gave to me, and it really helps just block out outside sounds

Especially when I'm editing video and working on audio Staying comfortable while working on a laptop and moving around is not always easy A laptop is inherently not very ergonomic And this isn't a big deal if we're just working a couple of hours here and there But if we're working long hours at the laptop, it can cause some aches and pains

In our camper van we had a bed with an adjustable back rest so we could adjust our seating position And a good friend also gave us this portable lap table that we've used a lot in the van It's pretty lightweight We can adjust it into all sorts of different angles to get comfortable And that's been really nice for working and also for watching movies while in the van

When we're staying a bit longer somewhere, maybe we're house sitting, or staying at a hotel or hostel for a longer period, sometimes we set up a standing desk And I've actually been thinking of maybe getting a small plug in keyboard and a mouse to plug into the laptop so that we can raise the screen and be more comfortable But that would add weight and bulk to our gear so we haven't gone there yet >> DANIELLE: We do pretty much everything online from our banking, all of our work, all of our correspondence And we're usually in public places using an unsecured WiFi connection

Using an unsecured WiFi connection means that someone who knows what they're doing could potentially access some of your important information when you're connected Which for us is almost all the time So that started to worry us a little bit We've heard a couple of horror stories about people having their laptops accessed for different things We've heard of a YouTuber having his videos completely wiped from his channel

So we kind of want to avoid that and protect ourselves a little bit more Last summer we looked into ways to do that and we learned about VPNs, which stands for Virtual Private Network, and it's basically a service that you can activate while you're browsing the web that creates a secure network connection so that people can't access your information And it does it by hiding the IP address of your computer and using another one from a server in your country, or in another country We started off using a free VPN service but it was really annoying because they would make you wait in this kind of fake line up for several minutes until it would let you log in and we didn't really like it Recently NordVPN reached out to us to let us know about their service and we looked into them and found out that they are one of the best VPN services around

They're also really affordable so we're excited to be using them as of now and moving forward So we won't have to worry about anyone accessing our passwords or our banking information A couple of other things that we really like about NordVPN is that they don't log any of the data that you access while you're using their service so no one is recording the websites that you're going to or anything like that One last thing that's really cool is that you can actually go into your account and see a map of the world, and you can see all the different servers they have available And you can choose any of them to use as your IP address

And so NordVPN has servers all around the world so you could have your signal coming from Spain, or Albania, or South Africa It's up to you So if you're interested in travelling and working online, or even if you just want to make sure that your internet connection at home is secure, NordVPN is offering our audience a discount, so you can get 77% off of their 3-year plan, which ends up being less than $3/month If you want to get this deal, you can go to NordVPNcom/exploringalternatives and use our discount code, which is 'exploringalternatives' We'll also add a link in the description in case you want to check it out

>> MAT: For backups, we usually try to keep smaller documents and spreadsheets in Google Drive, but we're also often working with really large video files and unfortunately, we can't back those up on the cloud, or on Dropbox or anything like that They're just way too big, and they take forever to upload So what we've been doing is that, for example, if we go film an interview, right away we'll come back and back up that footage on a small portable hard drive And we have two of those hard drives, and they're just duplicates of each other Another advantage of backing up our files like this is that there's almost no data stored on our laptops

So if something happens to them, if they get stolen or we lose them, we can always get a new laptop and start again >> DANIELLE: Lastly, we're going to talk about power And it might seem like an odd things to mention But if you've ever worked at a cafe with your laptop and you haven't been right next to the plug, and you're slowly watching your laptop's battery go down to 0%, it can be really stressful Especially if you have a full workday ahead of you

So what we usually do is, with our laptops we have the option of a shorter or a longer cable So if we're travelling we almost always have the longer option so that we can access more outlets from wherever we're sitting Another thing we've had to do, especially living in the camper van, where it didn't automatically have outlets, is we installed a solar power system so that we were able to charge our laptops and our other gear from the van One last thing to think about with power is that if you're travelling to different countries, you'll want to have a universal power adaptor so that you can adapt your plug to fit into whatever outlets are in the country you're in We hope you found our tips and experience helpful

If you're interested in working online as you travel, but you haven't found online work yet, we made a separate video with some tips for how to find online work, and we'll link to that video in the description of the video Also, if you're interested in trying out NordVPN, you can visit their website, which is wwwNordVPNcom/exploring alternatives and you can use our discount code, which is 'exploringalternatives' to get that special deal we mentioned earlier We'll link to them in the description of the video as well

Thank you so much for watching, and we'll see you in the next video ๐Ÿ™‚

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