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How to Travel with a BABY! | Kristen from Millennial Moms

How to Travel with a BABY! | Kristen from Millennial Moms
11 Aug

– Hey guys, Kristen here with Millennial Moms My family and I are getting ready to go to Disney World

It's my husband and my daughter's first time So while we're there I'm gonna give you some tips to take a baby, my daughter is 10 months old, to Disney World (upbeat music) The first thing we learned about Disney is that you have to be prepared for rain It's gonna be like this all day The forecast said it's not gonna end 'til like four or five PM

It seems like it rains at Disney at least once a day So be prepared for that with rain ponchos, umbrellas We were definitely not prepared We actually left one day because the rain was just too much and we didn't have the right gear for my daughter She's so tired and needs to nap so bad, but it's just a lot of stimulation happening, a lot to look at

If it isn't raining, it's insanely sunny Make sure you bring sunscreen for you and your baby The sun is crazy down in Florida so be sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and reapply it We were at Disney for three days and we ran out of sunscreen So be sure you bring an extra tube in case you run out

Okay you can't go inside without this button – Okay where do I put it? – Just on your shirt, right where everybody can see it Okay (mumbles) gets a button 'cause it's your first time, but you're not gonna wear it 'cause you might hurt yourself so we'll just put it on your cart These special buttons are amazing and they're super easy to get, plus they're free If you go to any of the gift shops there's usually one right inside the gates

Just go to the cashier and tell them that you have someone in your part who's there for the first time They'll just give you a button, it's amazing They also have buttons for birthdays, wedding anniversaries So just ask Strollers are super important to have at Disney

It's a nice place for your kids to just kind of lay back, relax, drink their milk, eat their snacks, whatever it is You can also help protect them from the sun a lot easier in a stroller Stroller parking is like nothing I've ever seen You just leave your strollers outside the rides They are parking the stroller, getting all the valuables out of it

I guess people don't steal strollers at Disney World, but just in case When you're taking a kid to Disney, this is the most important thing to know You can have someone wait with your baby, you go get in line and then you get one of these passes This makes it so the people waiting with the baby can then use the fast pass line to ride that same ride It's just called a rider switch pass

So ask for one of these when you get on the ride and they'll give you one for the rest of your party One thing about Disney you have to be prepared, just sit If they baby's sleeping you just wait It's A Small World might be an annoying ride for adults, but it was my daughter's favorite She was dancing the entire time

Did I mention that if your baby sleeps, you just wait? Be prepared to just lay down with your kid and watch all the people walk by and wait 'til she wakes up It's the best way to make sure she gets her naps in I hope you guys enjoyed this video I know we had an amazing time at Disney If you go to Disney with a baby, please leave me some comments down below and let me know how it went

What were the things that were most valuable to you while you were there? If you liked this video please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see move videos from me, click right down here If you want to see yesterday's video from Millennial Moms click right up here Don't forget to subscribe to Millennial Moms for more videos like this one there's a button right here for that I'll see you guys next week

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