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How To Travel The World Without Compromising Your Family & Career | Jon Butcher

How To Travel The World Without Compromising Your Family & Career | Jon Butcher
23 Aug

Hi folks, I'm with the legendary Jon Butcher, one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs in the world today, but what is truly remarkable about Jon is that he's the Chairman of Precious Moments, a company that has done 10 billion in sales over the last 30 years plus started some 20 additional companies Yet, Jon lives a life filled with adventure

He, his wife, his kids, his grandkids, they escape for three to five months every year to a different country He takes his kids out of school He steps away from his companies and I found Jon's way of doing this remarkable because no one else I know, who has children and grandkids or 20-something companies, is able to carve up that much time to simply escape from it all, and the purpose of this conversation with Jon is to give you ideas on how you can do the same, how you can fuel your life with travel with adventure without buying into any of the excuses regarding kids or career So Jon, the first question is: why is travel and adventure so important in the first place? It's a great question, Vishen and you've traveled the world extensively like I have so I think you know, you understand some of these benefits but I don't think the average person out there does understand how rich an experience travel could be if you're really committed to it You learn history, you learn architecture

You learn art, you learn culinary skills, you learn different religions, you learn different cultures Literally, the list is endless This is the number one with way that we educate our kids It's been one of the number one ways we've educated ourselves But I think the most important thing that travel does is it yanks you out of your little day-to-day experience

You get so used to the same routine every day, right, like Groundhog Day I think most people can really really relate to this, and what international travel does especially adventure travel like going to third world countries or going to some of the more challenging places It yanks you out of your little suburban life and plunks you right in the middle of a new culture that has completely different traditions than yours and you understand that the rest of the world is not America, the rest of the world is not Canada, wherever you live, right And I just think that it adds so much richness to your existence on this planet And another remarkable thing about travel really is that the modern science of happiness research says that if you truly want to be happy, don't buy objects buy experiences

And travel gives you those experiences that fuel your happiness in life But you do more than just travel I mean, I've heard stories about how for three months to five months every single year Jon uproots and relocates his entire family including his grandkids to exotic countries You've done this in Egypt for months, in Bali for months but the question is, how can the average person live like that? It doesn't seem possible, given career, given our kids going to school What's your secret? Well, here's the thing

It honestly isn't possible for some careers, like for instance, a lot of chiropractors have been through Lifebook, we work with a lot of chiropractors We love that profession And there's a profession where you literally have to be present in order to do your job right You gotta put your hands on people So unfortunately, there are some careers that are much more difficult than others to pull this off

Now, one trick that we found for chiropractors that's interesting that you can also apply to other professions is, maybe you are chiropractor in Chicago and you can find a chiropractor in Sydney Australia that would like to switch with you for a month We've done some of that you know It's almost like Airbnb, right and that's been really really cool So there are creative ways that you can do it That's a brilliant idea

Yeah, as a matter of fact, I've thought about creating a platform that would allow people to just swap homes for a month or two months from different countries because, you know, that's just one incredible way to see the world on almost zero budget Someone else is living in your house you're living in someone else's house but we digress, and if you can work from anywhere, like I can I've got my laptop I've got my cell phone I can work from anywhere

By the way, just to clarify, when we go away for three to five months a year I'm working, we're not on vacation We're living in another country, we're inside of another culture but I'm still doing my work I have to deal with the time zone difference which is great for me because it's three to five months of no meetings, Vishen, 3 to 5 months of no phone calls Everyone's asleep, so I wake up and I've got all my emails that I have to address I send all my emails and I'm done for the day and I get to spend the rest of the time with my family

It's been amazing So I think more and more these days there are careers where you are not tied to a desk, you're not tied to a specific city, you can do your work remotely and so I think we're going to see a lot more in the near future people picking up and just living their lives doing their work in other countries It doubles the richness of your life Right, and in today's world, I mean, with Slack, with email, with Skype there is no reason why this shouldn't be allowed That's right

But here's the most fascinating study I've read I was talking to Shawn Achor, author of 'The Happiness Advantage' and he told me about a study that was done that showed that Americans who take all 10 days of vacation, rightNow, we often think that the people at work who are going to get the biggest promotions, who are going to impress the boss if you work for a company are the ones who are going to come in earliest, stay latest and maybe skip vacation Turns out that's not true

Turns out that a study done, according to Shawn Achor, if you take all 10 of your vacation days in the US, you are thirty to forty percent more likely of getting a raise than the people who do not take the vacation days Maybe you are a little bit more fulfilled, maybe you're doing your job a bit better Maybe you come back completely fueled There you go So, what advice would you have for people, whether they are an entrepreneur or they work for a company? How can we build this into our lives? Ok, so first of all, we've got to assume that you are able to travel and to do your work abroad, because if you're not able to travel and do your work abroad, it becomes more much more complicated

But if I just had to guess what the percentage of people who could actually do that, I guess it's probably pushing fifty percent these days, right, and that could at least take maybe a month and do their work in another country Well, if you have kids that's a whole different story and this is something that, you know, when when our kids did go to school we literally take them out of public school for three to five months of the year and go live in Africa or South America or you know Southeast Asia And when we would talk about this at dinner parties that this is what we do other couples would look at us like we just pulled off an absolute miracle, right, like we just split the atom or something But the fact of the matter is how Missy and my wife as the wholeI mean, she's got this wired She'd just walk into the principal's office and she'd say, here's what we're gonna do We're gonna go live in Southeast Asia for three to five months, so I'd like you to pull together the kids' homework curriculum, we're gonna get a tutor there, we're going to do some Skype learning It's been different every year how we've handled their education And she's been able to navigate that terrain and we talk about this in the 30 day challenge, the Lifebook 30-day challenge

We go extensively into this and really give some good tips around this But you know, one thing that we've noticed is that when you walk in with confidence, you're not asking anybody's permission Why? Because you don't need to ask anyone's permission to do what you want with your kids How we gave the US government control over the hours of our kids' days, that's beyond me, right So we don't let anyone slow us or stop us down

We're not pushy, we're not aggressive She simply goes in and says: "This is the decision we've made and I would sure appreciate it if you could pull together the homework curriculum I know it's gonna take a little bit of time and energy, that's why we appreciate you so much and will work back and forth with you to make sure they get their studies done while we're in this other country" and it's worked every time That's brilliant, and you know, when I took your Lifebook program and I learned about the importance of infusing your life with adventure How adventure should be a goal that we set for ourselves because of how satisfying it is for the soul

For the first few years, I couldn't do it because I couldn't figure out how to escape my job I couldn't figure out how to pull my kids out of school but when I set it as an intention, as a goal, all of those opportunities came to me, I figured it out The key thing is make it a goal One of the things where Jon deeply inspired my life is a couple of months back my wife and I decided that for one month every year we're going to relocate to a different city, starting in 2017 we're going to relocate to Barcelona, then potentially Edinburgh, but it's easier than you think I found a way to continue being able to work at my business through a tool called Slack, you can get it from Slack

com It allows me to very rapidly communicate with my people and make rapid decisions And that month that we picked, so my kid goes to an American school, so June is the holiday so we simply pick the school holidays, so we're not pulling our kid out of school but we just take all of June and we use that to relocate to a city Let me ask you a question about that I think this is going to be very useful for our viewers here

So it's difficult to think about leaving at first for an entire month but if you go through the discipline of figuring out how to do that, what happens, Vishen I mean, literally people all of a sudden come in to start to fill the gaps and you realize nothing is gonna fall apart You're right, you're right This is the key idea

Everything's going to operate fine in your absence and you actually end up better off than you were before with more freedom because you have more time to refuel So this is the key idea I was afraid to do this I was afraid to escape my company for one whole month because I'm the CEO of a company with close to 200 employees I thought, everything is going to collapse

These people absolutely need me What the hell am I thinking? This is so selfish but when I made that a goal I gave myself 11 months to figure it out and in 11 months I figured it out and it was so much easier Start with the goal Once you have a goal, your mind is an incredible goal orientation machine Once you start with the intention, you start with your goal, the ideas come to you, and the ideas came to me

And not only that, but my company started booming It turned out that I wasn't as needed as I thought I was Well, you let people step up and you empower them to do extra tasks Right, and I figured out how to automate things which I should have been doing in the first place You got it, so that's one wonderful byproduct of figuring this out

I will say this, I can't think of any other single parenting strategy that we have ever employed that has added so much richness to our lives as taking our kids for three, four, five months a year to some location in the world where they learn another religion, another way of life, another way of doing things, like you've said before, they learn more at the night markets of Kuala Lumpur or the bazaars of Cairo than they're going to learn sitting in a classroom all day It's been amazing for us If you can pull it off, I highly recommend it Thank you So remember, travel and adventure should be a goal

It shouldn't be something you save up for retirement for It should be a goal that you put into your life right now and if you think it's difficult Jon's story, my story should inspire you to know that it is doable, and having kids, having a career are no longer excuses The world has changed So start with the goal and then work your way backwards to make it a reality But remember, travel and adventure are important

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