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How To: Pack a Backpacking Pack

How To: Pack a Backpacking Pack
11 Aug

Hey everybody, my name is Jjosh with the Outdoor Gear Exchange here to talk to you today about packing a backpack for multi-day trek First thing we're going to talk about is weight and weight distribution

We don't want to make sure that we're carrying enough gear for the duration of our trip without carrying any extra weight Once you have your list dailed, you're going to want to categorize your items into weight and frequency of use This will determine where they get packed in your bag The first thing you want to pack the lightweight and infrequently used items such as your sleeping bag will go towards the bottom of the pack Next you want to pack the medium weight gear which is going to be things like your stove and your water filtration

These want to go on the outside and towards the top of the pack Last is going to be the heavier items This is going to include water and food We pack towards the center and towards your back in the pack One thing to keep in mind those frequently used items such as rain gear snacks and a camera

Those items are going to want to be stored in the brain or in the hip pockets The last thing you want is to be hungry on the trail and have to be reaching deep down into your pack to grab a bar A good idea is to lay everything out beforehand and practice packing you pack before you head out on the trail This will give you a good idea of where you want to put all your things and where you can make changes Hopefully this has been helpful

Have fun out there on the trail

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