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How To Go Places! – A Family Guide To Travel

How To Go Places! – A Family Guide To Travel
15 Aug

The time I went to bed Your Chevrolet dealer presents In collaboration with the family voucher DIF "How to travel" The vacations An American habit of traveling to see new places and do new things The time to wake up

"Good Morning" and Good Day Welcome to the DIF family blog Cold It's so cold come! Inside to eat

"It does not work order at the window" I said we have a trip

and we're already We are halfway to Los Angeles It's only the first part and we need to go through Los Angeles We're going to San Diego The first destination is a good one To give us a car break But now, they are ready to [eat] Thank God that the children slept Keli slept too This is always our first time we stopped We stopped for gas and food before we climbed the mountains to go to Los Angeles I always drive in the morning Go early and they sleep Without the (complaints) And now I can relax I probably will not sleep but I'll edit the vlog Something I want to mention When we arrive at the final destination There is no good wifi I do not know how it will be but it is possible that it will not be a good sign I will try to order a video Ready for the normal schedule – Tuesday at 8 and we will see Per would make video every day of the trip and they will be with us It will be fun but now I do not know how it will happen Look at these How do they do that? After you've driven for 4 hours You can not drive efficiently if you can not relax A car trip can be rewarding But sometimes children need something to maintain attention that is not boring We arrived in San Diego or a little north we almost reached the destination today The children still do not know where we are going Lunch I like to leave so early because

We are only at 11 and the children have been awakened for four hours One hour to eat and three traveling They only feel like they have been traveling for 3 hours When you have children this is lovely Because there were 4 more hours of driving Well And I presenttoooooooooooo Children Look what it is LEGO! LEGOLANDIA? Who wants to go to Legoland? A castle! Well let's meet this video here but You need to watch the next video Today we are going to enjoy the hotel because there is so much that And the pool

And tomorrow we will be in Legolandia What fun! End A video of the family vlog DIF

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