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Hey, how's it going if you didn't already know, I'm Gabby and in this video We are talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart a question that I get asked all the time How do you afford to? Travel so much if you've been following me You know that I love to travel, and I usually take several international trips every year So I must be rich right actually no I am NOT rich unless you count things like friendship and health yes I am rich in those things But I actually do some creative things so that I can afford to travel and you can do them, too I want to share them with you in this video, so if you're interested in Travel if you're interested in seeing the world in Speaking to people from all over the world and learning new things then Keep watching because I want to share how you can afford to travel as well now This assumes a few things like you already have enough money to cover the basics like your rent food utilities Things like that have to come first but after that you can make travel a priority and that is Essential if you want to travel you really do have to make it a priority especially if it's a stretch to be able to afford a plane ticket or a hotel or things associated with Travel so first of all let's prioritize Travel let's create a savings account for your travels And maybe let's cut back on some of those extra items that new pair of shoes Or the new t-shirt or maybe going out and drinking on the weekend those are maybe some things that we could cut back on if they're not as high of a priority as Travel is now I have a question for you I would love to know where is the next place that you would like to travel Tell me in the comments cuz I would love to know Next we tend to think of the total cost of a trip, and it really freaks us out I know travel can be expensive

Let's say you're looking at a plane ticket It's $1,000 because you're traveling far Maybe you're gonna travel for a couple weeks and your hotel Your hotel cost might be another thousand dollars food and activities might be another thousand dollars and all of a sudden this Two-week trip cost three thousand dollars, and that's a lot of money that you don't have right now But think about if you saved for a year if you just saved three thousand dollars in a year That would be eight dollars and 22 cents a day that's about the cost of bringing your lunch to work Every day now these are general rough estimates But you can see what I'm trying to say instead of trying to come up with three thousand dollars like that out of nowhere Try to break it down into smaller goals, and it may not even take you a whole year to save the amount that you need Especially if you use some other strategies to keep your travel costs low Now my third strategy for affording to travel Anywhere is I don't take Luxurious trips I try to find the luxury in the little things for example when I travel to Brazil I find Luxury pure luxury in having a good cup of acai which is a Brazilian? fruit that they make kind of smoothie out of and that could cost maybe $5 or less Much less depending on where I get it or a good mango a good piece of fruit that is luxury sitting on the beach is a Luxury that costs absolutely nothing of course it costs money to get there But as you see once you're there in your destination where you want to be you can do so many things that feel luxurious But don't actually cost money so again try to find luxury in the little things it could even be a conversation With someone it could be having something That's low cost like a cup of tea and a nice conversation Another tip is to always be on the lookout for Eels or specials or even alternative means of travel I talked about plane tickets But maybe you could get on a boat, maybe you could take a road trip, or maybe there's other ways to travel That would be Cheaper or maybe there's some special deal that you could watch out for finally in my opinion One of the best ways to travel is to actually Travel as a worker Or as a volunteer or in a way where you might actually be getting paid to travel Let me explain my very first trip abroad was actually to Cuba many years ago I was a student in college and I got a scholarship to take classes that took me to Cuba not only that but I got a grant to actually pay for my travel to go to Cuba so I was able to go for a very low cost my Second trip was studying abroad in Dominican Republic, and I also had a scholarship to study there And you know instead of paying for a really expensive study abroad Package program that a lot of students do kind of a commercial program I talked to people and I made some phone calls and I figured out how to directly enroll in the University in the Dominican Republic And I lived with a local family and in that way my costs were very very low in fact I was spending less money Living in the Dominican Republic that I would have been if I was studying at my home university in the United States then I went to Brazil a few years after that and I Saved money by working for several months to save you know my airfare and some other miscellaneous Costs, but then I saved money by staying with a family again

I did a homestay program That was actually free because it was like an exchange program finally one of the best experiences I've had traveling abroad was when I got a work contract to teach English in Japan and I had all my expenses paid for and I actually got paid to teach English for a year in Japan and that was my first real paid job teaching English and well You know what happened after that I totally loved the experience And I've been teaching English ever since and traveling ever since so look for those opportunities that may not be commercialized or advertised as much There's a lot of opportunities for you to volunteer to lower your cost of travel to stay with locals maybe to study or even To work abroad so that you can see more of the world without having to stress about money or put it off until Someday when you're rich, so I hope that you get to travel where you want to again Tell me in the comments where you'd like to travel Tell me if you enjoyed this kind of video and these tips and I will look for your comments Thanks so much for watching bye for now

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