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Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park Lembang | Travel Vlog

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park Lembang | Travel Vlog
22 Aug

Hi, now we're at Dusun Bambu This is Lembang or not? Yes No This is like before Lembang Raya street you turn left to Dusun Bambu next to Kampung Gajah the place is so large cool, nature, so green, fun cold, pretty, cozy there's a lot instagrammable spot right now we're in the restaurant what is it's name? situ aksan? no, it's Purbasari this restaurant is so cool because located beside the lake let's take a look here it is, yeay! Hi, this is the restaurant located at the lake side called Purbasari, this is so worth it kewl! look at the lake! Hi, we're still in Dusun Bambu, this is a bird cage Restaurant so cool! this bird cage restaurant that makes Dusun Bambu famous the restaurant is like this one (behind me) but we're not trying to have lunch here (maybe some other time) suddenly transform to Queen Elsa Hi now we're at (Tegal Pangulinan) it is already from morning till afternoon we're here we're so exhausted, but that litlle kid is still feeling no tired at all, don't know how! (lol) right now we're in Tegal Pangulinan what is that? here like a river yea you can see there's a small (artificial) river here like this, and there's lots of various flowers I'm afraid there's a caterpillar too (lol) now look at Raina's playing here what is that? wave it's not wave, it's waterfall YEAY!!! Dear friends, my name is Raina it's raining! let's go home bye Dusun Bambu

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