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Beyond the Mountains – Backpacking through Japan

Beyond the Mountains – Backpacking through Japan
10 Aug

Quick summary We have landed in Tokyo and leave Osaka

After being fooled by the coastal wind for a while, we decided to go inland to find the heat But unfortunately we could not go directly to Osaka, because of a mountain without roads So our next goal was Kofu, then around the mountains to Nagano prefecture, and the city of Shirojiri And then eventually to Nagoya In the last video we were in Kofu, so from there we went further

We are told that there is a local legend regarding this mountain and Mount Fuji It was said that the opposing mountains had a big fight And in the end showed that Mount Fuji was the strongest And that is why this mountain has a jagged top and Mount Fuji has a beautiful crown of snow Once there, we finally found an overgrown and abandoned rice field, where we set up camp

Next morning, we walked past a number of fruit orchards and lots of rice fields With some fields already planned, and the others languishing to be planted with small rice plants We made our way to the supermarket and ate some yoghurt along the river bank Then with the train righting Nagano We set course for the mountains and found a beautiful place where we could wait for the rain

Ahh it is raining cats and dogs ~ _ ~ The next day we made curry and held our camp one more day * chuckle * Then we recorded some voice-overs and the introduction video of more Tenshi Daily misery of camping Our attempt at a normal piece of bread Failure

Tada ~~ Goddamn the goddamned Taku ~~ [Sjeeminee] Okay hello * waving hands * Ehhm, I do not know if you can see it, but behind us is a big lake called Suwa hehe We have not actually been to the lake since it is between two cities, or something Or tree [tree] (three) even

(English word for 3 is very similar to tree) But yes, it's a nice vantage point and we've walked up all day, so hopefully we reach the next city within an hour and then we go to Nagoya Yup Wish on happiness And we needed luck The highway to Nagoya was not very suitable for lifts

And we spent the majority of the day running next to the crash barriers Eventually we tumbled into a nice spot where we could leave the road and enter the forest After more exploration we found a place near an electricity pole * Current tower * We followed the path down again and were back on the road Action! Japan has a lot of vegetable gardens, of which we encountered a few every day

Today was no exception The trip to Nagoya took longer than expected because we could not hitchhike So we went to the nearest train station, so we could drive all the way to Shiojiri A sweet Once there, we ate some delicious cheese gyuudon

And have spent the afternoon with work on our videos Working hard Okay, this morning we tried to go to Shiojiri Where we fled to Nagoya Ehhhm, but we thought, you know, let's explore the city a bit

Maybe we'll see if we can find a supermarket to buy some food What has succeeded And they had such a cozy little cafe section With, ehmm, a number of empty plugs that we could use Offuh, sockets, sorry

So we just sat there and spent the rest of the day working on our YouTube videos And just before it got dark we thought "Aww crap, we would still be hitchhiking" So we went quickly to the 7/11 and bought a marker and some paper there Have Nagoya written down and stood on the road for about 10 minutes trying to get a lift But then it got dark, so we thought, let it sit

So we just went back to the train station and drove to Sabia or ehh Saba, sorry And we found this fat temple, as you can see So jahh, it was worth it All in all a good day's work and a nice view Booya ~~ We saw a nearby noodle restaurant on Google Maps, so we went that way for our dinner

Behind the restaurent was a promising forest, which proved perfect for the three of us Atsui deshou ~ [Hot, or not sometimes?] Tomorrow we will continue with our trip, watch the next video to see what happens if the perfect camping place does not allow itself to be found Subscribe to keep following our adventure! : D For more details and photos, you can follow us on Google+ ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you want to help us? Please support us on Patreon <3

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