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– Hey guys, what is going on? In this video, we're talking about how you can take awesome photos and get those epic shots while you're out traveling (upbeat music) Okay, so today's gonna be a little bit different than my normal tutorials

I am actually on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas, its inaugural voyage, and I'm here with a few other Instagramers, so we're gonna go out, we're gonna go check out the Amalfi coast I'm gonna get some tips from them for you guys as well as show you some cool things that you can do while you're traveling This has been a place I've always wanted to travel to Before this we were in Cinque Terre, we were in Rome yesterday, we were in France and we started up on Barcelona Okay

So the first thing's first, we gotta get off the ship, so let's go meet up with the other Instagramers I'm here with and start this adventure (upbeat music) Alright so I just met up with the other people and there's a giant parade going on Let me introduce everyone that's on this journey So we got Madeline and we got Meghan, they're gonna hang out, I'll put their links down below so you can check out their Instagrams as well Then we have this guy, drinking the giant coffee

Say hello This is Jordan – Hey (laughs) What's up? – What's up? So make sure you go down, I put all their links in the description below Go check out all of our Instagrams so you can see the different styles of photography that each of us do Alright, we've got a private car for the day Check it out, Mercedes

Nice I like that (upbeat music) Alright so we're on the Amalfi Coast here, we're driving up and down the coast One of the key things about doing travel photography is just researching your location before you go there So you need to have an idea of where you're going

Maybe get some photo ideas, look at what other people have shot, because you don't want to get somewhere and not have any idea of what you're shooting and not have the gear you need and not be prepared right, so just do a quick research and that will give you some idea of what it is that you're gonna be shooting and what you're gonna encounter when you get to a location (upbeat music) Alright, so we just got to Positano which is in the Almalfi Coast, it's a cool, little city that's kinda like nestled on the hills It's pretty insane (upbeat music) So one of the questions we all get is what camera we use, what camera should you be using The thing is, no one camera is the perfect camera to shoot travel photos and all those awesome photos you see on Instagram

They're shot by a bunch of different cameras I'm shooting on the Panasonic GH5, Doren's on the 5D Mark IV – I'm on my iPhone – Meghan and Madeline are both shooting with Sony We cross the whole range of cameras you can shoot with A lot of stuff you'll even see shot on things like GoPros, so you just gotta find the camera that works for you, take into consideration some of the other things I'm gonna talk about in this video and because space is a big thing so you don't necessarily wanna be carrying a massive camera with you Sometimes just like a GoPro is all you're gonna wanna take

But if you have the room, definitely having a bigger camera, more lenses and all that stuff is gonna give you more options to shoot some cooler photos (calm music) Okay The food just showed up, Madeline's running up, she's got a tip for us on shooting food photography because one of the things you wanna capture when you're traveling is food, because you are always finding delicious food wherever you travel and it's unique and people like seeing food (slow music) – Okay So

To take food photography always shoot food in natural light because that makes the colors really pop, and use the element of three So have three major pieces on the table and that will be the focus point and I put a small element around for composition (upbeat music) – Alright let's talk about lenses for a second So we talked camera, but what about lenses? I'm sure a lot of you have questions about lenses So one of the things you gotta think about is how much gear you wanna take with you

So are you gonna take a lot of gear or are you just gonna take just a little bit of gear Lenses, to me, is broken into two things: are you gonna take zooms or are you gonna take primes? Now there's advantages to taking primes, I know it seems crazy sometimes to bring a bunch of lenses with you but prime lenses give you the ability to get that really shallow depth of field also allow you to do some cool night photography You know things that you can't do with some of these zooms because your aperture is gonna be fluctuating all over the place if you have like "travel zoom" So one of my favorite lenses on the GH5 is the 12 to 60 I can put that on my camera, it's actually what I'm shooting on right now, and basically that is my lens that I keep on for the entire trip

Now the issue is, it's a 28 to 4, so you don't have a consistent aperture all the way through, that 28 isn't as wide open as, say, my 85 that I brought with me which is a 12 so you have to think, how much gear do you wanna bring

For my Mexico climb, when I did that trip I literally brought this lens because I had to reserve weight On this trip here, with Royal Caribbean we're going, you know, all over Italy, I mean, we'll bring a lot more gear, so I have this lens but I also have my 8 to 18, my 425, my 12, and my 25, which is equivalent to 24 58 85 But basically, if you can carry more gear, the primes give you more ability to get some cooler shots, something a little different They're also a lot sharper than say, like a travel zoom

Something to keep in mind, when you're planning out your trip and what gear you're bringing (upbeat music) Okay Another tip is get away from the tourist-y spots So when you're traveling there's gonna be specific spots that a lot of people go and take the same photo from To get good photos, you really got to think outside of the box

So I'm in the Amalfi Coast, like I was saying, and wandered down the road a little bit, there's no real walking path, but there's an awesome little, like private beach down here I'm getting some cool photos of it It's something definitely off the beaten path I'm gonna start working my way back because I only have so much time an that's an issue when you're traveling is that you gotta make sure that you have enough time to do everything that you wanna do and not let taking photos become the only thing that you do It is amazing here

This is definitely a spot you should travel to (calm music) Let's talk about some other things about in composition So number one is using Rule of Thirds, that's like a basic rule of photography, which is you've gotta put your subject matter in one of the thirds Whether vertically or horizontally And using the Rule of Thirds will help you make more interesting photos

Now from there you can start breaking the Rule of Thirds and start playing around with it but that's like your basic default go to, just put something in the thirds and that's how you can make just anything look good Okay One more note about composition is you wanna out things in your photos Jordan uses this technique a lot so let me go find him and he can give you some more tips about that (calm music) Alright we just got back on to the ship (calm music) I think Jordan is somewhere down here, carousel

There's a show going on so let me find him, I think he's like right over here – One tip I would give for landscape photography would be to use a person in your landscape I find that using a small figure in a landscape really brings it to life Say you've got big, giant, cast mountains, to really emphasize those things, you need to have a little person in the corner or a little person on top of the hills just to show how grand that place is – And another tip for photography, this one is all about drones

I love flying drones and I love using them in my photography So when you're flying a drone, make sure that you get unique perspectives from the sky that you can't get with a typical camera Instead of just getting that traditional shot of buildings in the same direction that you can get from standing on the cliff, fly the drone out, get a unique view, a higher view, maybe a straight, top-down view Something that is different and that you can only get on an object flying in the sky If you want more tips on drone photography, I'll put a link in the description to a video on that

Alright, I have one more tip about perspective for you guys You always gotta find a unique perspective, and what I mean by that is most people hold their phone or their camera and eye level right here, just like this, so when you're trying to take photos try to get your camera away from this position, so put it low on the ground so you can see the ground in your shot Put it like over in a tree, put it over a railing Put it somewhere where that takes a little more effort than just holding the camera at eye level So you gotta think outside of just doing the basic right here taking a photo

You gotta find angles, perspectives Get down low, get up high, get to the side, find all those perspectives (upbeat music) I just made it out to the wings of the ship, you have like, glass bottom, it pretty, I'm just standing on the glass, but look behind me, check out that sunset And this comes up to my next point, which is, time of day makes a huge difference in your photography so if you are shooting at sunrise or sunset, your photos are gonna look way better than if you're shooting mid-day or like noon So try to get up early, try to stay out late, get those sunrise and sunsets because that's important

(calm music) Alright guys, it is now the next day, I decided to put down the camera and enjoy and that's one of those things, I know I said it yesterday, but I'm gonna hone in this fact, when you're traveling and your taking photos, one of the things you hafta remember is that you need to put the camera down once a while and just enjoy the experience So I've got a few more tips, today I'm gonna go find Meghan She's got some stuff about filters I wanna show you But I just wanna hone in that point of put the camera down, enjoy your experience because it is awesome, the ability we have to travel and to experience all these awesome places out in the world and you don't wanna just do it behind the lens of a camera You wanna actually experience it

Okay Let's go find Meghan, I think she's up there on the 16th floor and then we'll go from there – When traveling, I really recommend the use of filters You don't have to bring a lot, but I few ones would really help One of the things I use a lot is a circular polarizer

It's really helpful when you've got water in your shots, for reducing reflections, it enhances the blue, and also, if you time it right, you can get the sky looking lovely and blue so it always makes the shot look awesome Another filter I use a lot of is the gradient neutral density They come in different strengths, I usually use a 9 to a 12, and what that does is when you've got a really bright sky and a darker bottom half of your photo, it will even out the shot for you, so you don't have to do as much post-processing and it will just make the whole shot look really even and then it would probably be on other that I use a lot because I often travel to places with waterfalls, I really like using a neutral density, again they come in different points

A 18 or a 3 are probably the two most common ones so they're sometimes call a little stopper or a big stopper and what that's great for is even on a day like today, where it's pretty bright, you can probably set yourself up with a tripod and a neutral density, probably the 3 would be the strong one and you could actually get some lovely cloud movement in the sky which always makes an image look really appealing (calm music) – Alright guys I hope these tips were helpful I've got one more special tip for you from the head of social media, here on the Royal Caribbean A really cool way to do a lot of different and unique travel photography is to take a cruise like the Symphony of the Seas

It gives you the opportunity to shoot in a bunch of different locations I highly suggest taking a Royal Caribbean cruise if that is something you're interested in Alright, one last tip, let's go find Natalie, I think she's down by the laser tag Yes There is a laser tag and there's also an ice skating rink here on the Symphony of the Seas

Alright lets go – My name is Nat I am the social media manager at Royal Caribbean and my biggest tip is to just enjoy what you do Go out there, see the world, and capture it – Alright so what should we do now? – Enjoy – Enjoy? – Enjoy – Enjoy wings? – Yes! – Great Last night here and we're gonna enjoy it! That is it I hope these tips were helpful in giving you some ideas when you're out traveling

That is the biggest tip Enjoy the experience Enjoy all of it We've had such a blast here on Royal Caribbean Now it's time to go upstairs and enjoy

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