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내가 쿠바를 가지 못 하는 8가지이유 * World travel 행선지 고민 *

내가 쿠바를 가지 못 하는 8가지이유  * World travel 행선지 고민 *
10 Aug

It's okay ~ It's more beautiful because I put it in this video I am now with this palm tree

I have a lot of ideas these days ~ Now that I have a leisurely trip I'm posting footage almost every day But somebody's giving me advice I get a little bit too much every day Subscribers are getting tired And now I have a little leisurely trip You can upload and communicate this every day like this Traveling to another country by moving places When I do not think I can do it How many would you like to put in a week? (Lightning) On what day of the week, did you see lightning behind you? Hahaha Is not it lightning? Ha ha ha ha ha ha I am worried about what day to put it on

Monday Thursday Saturday I do not know Yeah Everyone who always watches every day, thank you very much ~ And another worry is the next destination I am here now for three months Was there? Today is March 31 It's only three months I do not know where to go next time I will travel to Mexico, I will go to Cuba, I will go to Colombia I'm in trouble right now

Maybe I'll come back It's real Mexican too Cuba is ~ I think Cuba is not very ready for me right now I'm in trouble And Colombia seems to be short of a month? I feel like that

Yeah It looks like a lot, and in fact, your Colombia South America I thought it was dangerous Listen to me Wow ~ Have you seen it behind? (Lightening is more dangerous in the back) Hehe Cuba is very close here Two hours on a plane? I know it takes less than two hours

So it's not worth the price of an airplane So if you are willing It's a place where you can leave tomorrow There's something very psychologically shielded About Cuba I travel to Cuba now There are reasons why I can not easily I did some sorting The first, yet Che Guevara I did not read it

Of course, There's no reason to go to Cuba Many Cuban travelers share Che Guevara's books I will not travel to Cuba But in my head Che Guevara is Cuba Cuba is Che Guevara So if you do not read this book greatly I'm afraid But I just need to read it

I do not even think about this So about Che Guevara YouTube I was browsing the video Che Guevara does not read the basics I think I'm going to see the video about him And second, the old man and the sea (the old man and the sea?) I did not read it

In fact, Cuba is also famous for Che Guevara Hemingway is famous too Hemiway's Mohiti If you only drink Mocha and do not know anything about Hemingway, I do not think that's gonna make much sense But to be honest, I have not read it Just Hemingway is famous and Hemingway's I only know that old people and the sea are famous Is this not the reality of education in our country? Mostly not

Did not you just read it? (I have never heard of an old man's sea) If yes, I think I'll read it And third, the third reason is failure of socialism? Actual situation? It looks a bit sad when you look at it with your own eyes I enjoy capitalism better than anyone else It is the beneficiary of capitalism I do not want to deny it

I think I need to fix it in a variety of ways I really like Hegel's dialectic The socialist aspect of the search Just looking at it I do not think it's bad The Nordic welfare state model I think it's a socialist aspect

If we talk about it, I would Please do not think so extreme I wish I did not And fourth, the drones I have a drones and drones It's my only happiness

Drones are prohibited in Cuba Just forbidding will not just drones, I did not take the drones when I was doing it I do not want to give it back When I get out, it takes a lot of time I do not think he'll return it Then I'm really sick

So that's really a problem I've been listening to a bit of a bit of that search 100% It's not safe That part Actually, I was talking about the fourth time, I am hesitant to travel to Cuba That's why And the fifth, fifth, The internet (Realities) Internet why? You can say that the internet is slow? We do not have the internet that we think it is

I bought an internet card in a public place I have to And the internet is very slow there On the other hand, It's a good time to look at myself I think it was a big inconvenience For example, I like to learn Spanish now

Most of them are searching on the internet and studying That's not at all So when I talk to Cuban moms, Even if I want to learn, It's a little harder And the sixth It is hard to find a product Shampoo toothpaste

It's hard to get these I might be able to go here now, I can not figure something out Is there a case? It's great to get some industrial goods It is difficult Something interesting, though? It might be a little uncomfortable It's actually a friend who went on a trip to Cuba He said it was too hard

I guess I did not get ready But I have enough shampoo and rinse I'll take the soap and this the problem is Although I do not seem to like it, Why are you a little concerned? You do not know where you'll need it yesterday And the seventh The seventh is food

What you can not expect from a trip to Cuba is food As you all know The great fun of traveling It's food But because the food is tasteless It's one of the reasons why I'm a little slow on my trip to Cuba by the way The lobster is very cheap If you buy a few, you will cost eight thousand won

So if you have 1 lobster per day, that's also a problem It does not seem to be a problem either But when that happens There's a lot of food in it, When do you play 1 lobster a day? And one lobster per day even if Eight thousand won? That's it I think that part can be a good thing

And the delicious Mochi is also very cheap That's why I'm worried about it I'm doing it And the eighth I think there are too many Koreans The trip to Cuba is going up very lately

So if you go to Cuba now, it seems to be real Korea Such an expectation? My sister knows that if she goes to Cuba now she is almost Korea I told you Well then The fun of such a trip There can be elements I'm a bit hesitant I was on a flight to Laos

I was very, very good It's more youthful than flowers But after that too many Koreans Aka Laos I have a story Yeah You know what I mean

If there are too many Koreans On that trip Such a unique culture? Enjoy a little something like this I think it's getting harder But this is also where the locals go? If you find these things well, I do not think it's going to be a problem Yes, I will do this part now It's one of the reasons why I'm having a hard time traveling to Cuba Many of you When I choose to travel What do you think? I'm curious to see how I feel I've shared it Did you help? But actually I really want to go to Cuba

I do not think I'm ready too So if you go One two weeks? Three weeks? I think I'll go this way I do not think it's a long trip Most of those who have traveled to Cuba When you're in there I wanted to jump out so fast Since I came, He said it was a place I missed

I really wonder what Cuba will be Now that Cuba is changing so fast This old look Cherished Cuba He told me to go now if you want to see him So even more so in my mind I am worried about not going What do you think? I will make a good trip and have a fun trip ~ Hi ~ So So suddenly it's dark Ew (It takes longer than I thought I know how long the time is 1 second

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